WWE has confirmed three more superstars set to do battle in WWE 2K17, making the announcement via a mural painted live at E3 by artist Rob Schamberger.

We’ve seen a new WWE video game annually for more than a decade at this point, so it’s not really a surprise when the newest iteration is announced, and details on its roster are released. However, this year’s E3 saw 2K take a slightly different strategy as it announced three more grapplers set to be featured in WWE 2K17.

Artist Rob Schamberger was called upon to produce a mural depicting three major additions to the new game’s roster; John Cena, Ultimate Warrior, and Sasha Banks. Schamberger has a long-standing relationship with WWE: the company spotted his excellent paintings of wrestlers old and new online, and partnered up with him to sell prints and t-shirts.

It’s no surprise that John Cena will appear in WWE 2K17 — the leader of the Cenation is a 15-time world champion who is arguably as prominent in pop culture as he ever has been after roles in hit movies like Trainwreck and Sisters.

wwe 2k17 mural full

Likewise, Ultimate Warrior has frequently been featured in recent WWE games as a representative of the legends of yesteryear. The energetic brawler was one of the few superstars to rival Hulk Hogan’s popularity in the late 1980s, and ended a public spat with WWE shortly before his untimely passing in 2014. Warrior was inducted into the company’s Hall of Fame just three days before dying as a result of a heart attack.

The third name confirmed for the roster will be making her video game debut in WWE 2K17. Despite being relatively new on the scene, Sasha Banks is among the most popular wrestlers currently on the roster — her standout performance in the triple threat match for the WWE Women’s Championship at WrestleMania 32 proved that she’s destined for great things.

2K might be wise to promote WWE 2K17 through the undeniably impressive work Schamberger is capable of. An event organized to announce the full roster for WWE 2K14 quickly got out of hand, and ultimately led to the dismissal of legendary commentator Jim Ross.

Cena, Warrior and Banks join Goldberg, who was confirmed for the game’s roster by a series of mysterious videos a few weeks ago. The focus on the former WCW standout is speculated to be a sign that 2K17 will feature a mode that looks back on the history of the now-defunct promotion.

WWE 2K17 will release for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One in October 2016.

Source: Gamespot