Stephanie McMahon announces that she will be a playable character in the upcoming WWE 2K17, along with her father, Vince McMahon, and her brother, Shane McMahon.

As is tradition, WWE is preparing to unveil the full roster for WWE 2K17 in August as part of its SummerSlam celebration. However, some names have already been revealed, with the likes of Goldberg, Brock Lesnar, and more already announced for the game. Earlier today, WWE Chief Brand Manager Stephanie McMahon announced three more superstars for the growing roster, with herself, her father, WWE CEO Vince McMahon, and her brother, current SmackDown Commissioner Shane McMahon, all stepping into the ring this October.

Stephanie made the announcement on Twitter, in addition to a partnership with IGN to reveal the rest of WWE 2K17‘s roster. Beginning this coming Tuesday, August 2nd and for every subsequent Tuesday until August 30th, IGN will be unveiling a new batch of wrestlers for the game’s roster. WWE collaborated with IGN for a similar weekly roster update for WWE 2K16 last year, but this year’s plans are a bit different.

IGN is promising some sort of community interaction with this year’s weekly roster updates. Unfortunately, further details on how the community can get involved with the weekly roster announcements are unavailable at this time, except for the fact that IGN is referring to the month-long event as the “Suplex City Census.”

WWE 2K17: The McMahons Are On the Roster - Stephanie McMahon character poster

The next Suplex City Census roster update will come on Tuesday at 6am Pacific time. Based on who has been announced for the roster so far, one has to imagine that the majority of WWE’s current roster will be included in the game in some capacity. This includes the women wrestlers that were snubbed last year, if WWE Women’s Champion Sasha Banks being on the roster is any indication.

Along with members of the active roster, WWE 2K17 will likely have its fair share of legends as well. Ultimate Warrior was confirmed for WWE 2K17 at E3, in addition to Goldberg. Fans should expect other classic superstars like The Rock, Sting, The Undertaker, Bret Hart, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, and more to be announced for the game throughout August. Most of the usual legends should be returning for the new game, but hopefully there are some surprise additions to the lineup as well to keep things interesting, though don’t expect Hulk Hogan to be making his return.

Besides a roster reveal, hopefully next month brings with it some gameplay footage as well. As it stands, there is still very little fans know about WWE 2K17‘s gameplay, and what will differentiate itself from its predecessors. If fun roster additions like the McMahons are coupled with improved gameplay, WWE 2K17 could be the best iteration of the franchise on current-gen consoles to date.

WWE 2K17 will be available on October 11th for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Source: IGN