First ‘WWE 2K15’ Screenshot and Details Hit

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For the most part, many of the games that release this October have been pretty well covered and widely seen by outlets and consumers. WWE 2K15 was, up until today, the exception of that status quo, which left many consumers wondering when they’d get a glimpse of the debut appearance of WWE’s annual video game series.

At long last, 2K Games has confirmed plans to showcase several aspects about the game throughout the month of August via a newer feature-specific initiative over at IGN called ‘First’. To mark the impending onslaught of WWE 2K15 announcements, the publisher allowed “the face of the WWE,” John Cena, to tweet out the first-ever in-game screenshot to his adoring group of followers known as ‘Cenation’.

Featuring John Cena staring down what appears to be Randy Orton (who’s left arm and buttock are still incredibly menacing), the screenshot demonstrates just how much effort Yuke’s is putting into the upcoming installment. Without a doubt, these are the best visuals the series has ever seen, but the news didn’t stop there.

WWE 2K15 John Cena Screenshot

IGN posted details on two modes that’ll be making their debut in WWE 2K15 called ‘2K Showcase’ and ‘MyCareer’. The first mode, 2K Showcase, will feature a number of bouts dedicated to some of the greatest rivalries in sports entertainment history. Each set will feature a pair of matches from the most memorable scenarios that have played out during the history of the wrestling business. No particular rivalry has been announced yet, but each clash will be filled with enough surrounding video content and backstory that they’ve been described as “mini documentaries.”

MyCareer, on the other hand, will allow fans to go through the steps to become a major player in the world of WWE. Lifted from NBA 2K14‘s mode of the same name, this mode will only be available to those that pick up a copy of the game for either Xbox One or PS4. Sorry, Xbox 360 and PS3 owners, but this mode won’t be available on your copy of the game.

Overall, it sounds like longtime fans will be in for some big changes when WWE 2K15 finally enters the squared circle later this year — especially for those opting to dive in with one of the latest consoles. With over five times the animation data and four times the commentary as its predecessor (not to mention the reappearance of the fan-favorite Sting), we certainly smell what Yuke’s is cooking. And it smells good.


WWE 2K15 slams onto the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One on  October 28, 2014 in North America and October 31, 2014 internationally.

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Source: IGN