WWE 2K15 Removing Hulk Hogan DLC From Digital Stores? [UPDATED]

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UPDATE: According to The Games Cabin, the Hulk Hogan DLC for WWE 2K15 has since been made available to purchase and download yet again by 2K. That being said, it’s unclear if the DLC will remain permanently, so those that want the Hulk Hogan DLC for the game should download it as soon as possible.

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The largest professional wrestling organization in the world, WWE, has recently scrubbed their website and history clean of one of the sport’s most recognizable stars, Hulk Hogan. This is due to a transcription of an audio recording taken from a secretly filmed sex tape of Hogan, in which the former WWE Champion was heard using heavy racial slurs, to the point of outright admitting himself to be a racist.

Understandably, this has resulted in the removal of Hulk Hogan from the upcoming WWE 2K16. However, 2K has taken this a step further, with the Hulk Hogan DLC for last year’s entry, WWE 2K15, having been apparently removed from all digital storefronts. So it appears that 2K is following suit with the WWE in erasing Hogan’s legacy, starting with WWE 2K15.

Not only can the Hulk Hogan DLC no longer be purchased, but even if one has already paid for the content and then deleted it for some reason, they can’t re-download it. Basically, this means that gamers that decided to purchase the Hulk Hogan DLC for WWE 2K15 are no longer able to access content they’ve already paid for, unless they’ve never uninstalled it to begin with.

2K has yet to say if these individuals will be compensated at all for this tricky situation in the form of refunds or anything of that nature.

WWE 2K15 Hulkamania Collectors Edition Screenshot

The removal of Hulk Hogan from WWE 2K16 was not surprising, but this retroactive removal of Hogan from WWE 2K15 is a little worrisome, and it makes purchasing digital content less enticing. If publishers are able to simply pull digital content that has already been purchased by the user, it really calls the concept of digital ownership into question.

Hogan was heavily featured in WWE 2K15‘s digital and physical marketing strategy, with an entire Collector’s Edition of the game based completely around Hogan. Hogan was also a major focus of previous WWE games as well, such as WWE 2K14, which featured a 30 Years of WrestleMania game mode that celebrated the history of WWE’s biggest annual event, of which Hogan has been the star of on numerous occasions.

Even though Hogan has been removed from WWE 2K15, fans shouldn’t necessarily have to worry about him being pulled from any games older than 2K15. Since Hogan was mainly available in 2K15 as DLC, it was much easier for 2K to remove him from that game than it would be for them to take him out of, say, 2K14, which focuses on him for many of the game modes.

While Hogan’s removal from the upcoming WWE 2K16 is not that big of a blow considering it will focus on a time in the WWE when Hogan wasn’t even around, and will be built around the career of cover athlete “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, his removal from 2K15 is discerning. We’ve seen publishers completely remove content from digital stores in the past, like as was the case with the removal of P.T. from the PlayStation Store, but P.T. was free, whereas this Hulk Hogan DLC for WWE 2K15 cost money to download. Hopefully 2K does the right thing and compensates those affected by this decision in some manner.

WWE 2K15 is currently available for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. The next entry in the series, WWE 2K16, is due for release October 27th for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

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