‘WWE 2K15’ Release Gets Shoved Back on PS4 and Xbox One

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This year is set to offer wrestling fans a very different type of wrestling video game. Pairing developer Visual Concepts with longtime franchise studio Yuke’s, 2K Games has completely revamped the entirety of its WWE license in the hopes of creating a much more true-to-life experience on past and current-gen consoles.

Such a shakeup to a tried and true formula may have some fans worried, but 2K Games is taking every precaution to ensure that the final retail-ready product lives up to the hopes of all WWE fans. To do this, however, the company has decided to delay the launch of WWE 2K15 on Xbox One and PS4 – effectively pushing the game’s release on those systems to November 18, 2014 in North America and November 21, 2014 internationally.

Despite being delayed on those platforms, the game will still arrive on previous generation hardware, Xbox 360 and PS3, on October 28, 2014 in North America and October 31, 2014 internationally. It’s odd that WWE 2K15 will keep its original date for older consoles, but there will be a handful of exclusive features featured in the franchise’s first entry on the newest systems.

The President of Visual Concepts, Greg Thomas, issued a statement clarifying why the delay had to happen and has assured fans that their expectations for the title will be met as a result.

“Visual Concepts and Yuke’s are committed to delivering the most authentic and action-packed WWE experience to date, including release for the very first time on next-generation consoles. The additional development time enables our talented teams to ensure the WWE 2K15 next-gen experience fully meets our expectations.”

WWE 2K15 Xbox One PS4 Screenshots

This, of course, means that those that pre-ordered the Hulkamania Edition of WWE 2K15 won’t be receiving the limited print at the end of October, especially since this variant is exclusive to Xbox One and PS4, but diehard WWE-aholics can still look forward to the past-gen variant if they can’t hold off on entering a digital version of the squared circle.

Those picking up the Xbox One and PS4 entries do have the exclusive ‘MyCareer’ mode to anticipate, which could prove to be worth waiting for. Regardless, seeing the series slip out of its annual October release is a solid indication that big change is in store for WWE aficionados.

Suffice to say, we can dig that.


WWE 2K15 will be arriving on PS3 and Xbox 360 on October 28, 2014 in North America and October 31, 2014 internationally, while the Xbox One and PS4 version will release on November 18, 2014 in North America and November 21, 2014 internationally.

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