WWE and sports gaming giant Take-Two Interactive announce an extension on 2K’s exclusive licensing rights for World Wrestling Entertainment, paving the way for more WWE 2K games.

With a roster bolstered by new and interesting stars and a plethora of seasoned vets, 2016 is shaping up to be a good year for World Wrestling Entertainment. While the company is still working to shake off lingering bad press associated with Hulk Hogan’s racist tirade, it seems as though Vince McMahon and company are interested in looking towards the future. And thanks to a lucrative multi-year extension with developer Take-Two Interactive, the future looks bright for WWE’s video game arm.

With WWE 2K15 and the recently released WWE 2K16 making a strong impression in sales, sports gaming giant Take-Two Interactive has decided that keeping John Cena and company around for a few more years may be a sound investment. In a statement released announcing the extension of 2K’s retention of exclusive licensing rights for the WWE, 2K’s Chief Operating Office David Ismailer trumpeted the positive impact that the wrestling company has had on 2K’s profits, stating:

“2K’s partnership with WWE over the past three years has resulted in a successful and important addition to the company’s portfolio of profitable franchises.”

WWE 2K16 Dean Ambrose vs Luke Harper

Since the companies joined forces in 2012, 2K has overseen WWE games incorporating big name stars ranging from “Iron” Mike Tyson to Arnold Schwarzenegger, pushing WWE’s titles onto the best selling list time and again. Even when the games aren’t as well-received, which has been a common occurence over the years, WWE’s popularity still propels the franchise to the top of charts. Needless to say, Take-Two would be foolish not to retain the WWE license.

On the flip side, WWE also sang the praises of the licensing agreement extension, with Casey Collins, WWE Executive Vice President of Consumer Products, releasing a statement calling 2K the “perfect compliment for WWE,” stating:

“Our continued partnership ensures WWE remains at the forefront of global video game brands as we continue innovating and publishing our offerings on multiple platforms.”

Much like Roman Reigns, it sounds as though WWE and 2K are gearing up for a big push for the franchise. With WWE 2K16 featuring the franchises larger roster ever (clocking in at a staggering 120 wrestlers), it remains to be seen where WWE and 2K will go from here. Whatever the companies decided to do, wrestling fans can rest assured that the games, like the NWO say, will definitely be “too sweet.”

Source: BusinessWire