The “surprise” reveal of WWE 13 didn’t exactly pan out the way THQ was hoping it would. The WWE 13 teaser trailer was leaked before its intended release, which left many tuning into this week’s episode of Raw all the more unsurprised when the game was officially revealed. Some new details have been unleashed though, giving gamers a better look at the new single-player mode and a sneak peak at the updated roster.

It was apparent after watching the teaser trailer for WWE 13 that the folk at Yuke’s planned to focus on the ‘Attitude Era’; a time period when the Monday Night Wars reached their heights, and a point where wrestling was considered to be at its finest. The entire single-player campaign will occur in this renowned time frame, and fans will have the option of lacing up the boots as one of eight different “purveyors of attitude.” And who’s better to represent the era of attitude than the legendary “Stone Cold” Steve Austin — the only confirmed character for the new single-player mode.

WWE 13 is said to have the largest character selection to-date for the franchise, but so far only eight members of the roster have been revealed. WWE 13‘s poster boy CM Punk, Sheamus, Chris Jericho, Big Show, and Mark Henry will be part of the modern-day portion of the roster, while the previously mentioned Steve Austin (as well as Undertaker and Mankind) will all be playable legends.

Another major addition is WWE Live, a feature that allows players to trigger a new option called a ‘Spectacular Moment’. These moments occur based solely on the characters in play at the time, and can range from whipping an opponent through a steel barricade, to breaking the ring with a superplex. The audio will be getting a few updates, and is said to increase the authenticity of WWE 13‘s commentary and crowd interaction. ‘Predator Technology 2.0’ will also provide new animations, smoother transitions, and enhanced controls, assuring that a more legitimate WWE experience is had by anyone who plays the game.

Despite the leaked trailer outing a November 1st release for WWE 13, it will actually launch in North America on October 30th for Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii.

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