October is slowly inching its way closer with every passing day, and the excitement wrestling fans have for the upcoming month is beginning to reach a climax. This is because the much-anticipated WWE 13 is scheduled to smackdown onto store shelves in just over thirty days. With this year’s installment of the WWE video game franchise comes tons of new wrestlers, refined gameplay, and an Attitude Era campaign. It wouldn’t be a new wrestling title without some new match types though, and THQ has just confirmed two new ones.

WWE 13 will be bringing back the infamous ‘I Quit’ match, and the prestigious ‘King of the Ring’ tournament.

It’s been eight long years since the I Quit match has been featured in a WWE video game, but it’s much different then long-time fans may remember it being. Just like the television program, this particular match will take place between two individuals in a no holds barred, anything goes environment. As the name of the match suggests, players won’t be pinning their opposition to secure victory (like in a standard bout), but will instead be pummelling them until they’re forced to utter the words “I Quit.”

King of the Ring, on the other hand, will be a much different venture. Many legendary Superstars have won the King of the Ring tournament, and its inclusion in WWE 13 is crucial for recreating the Attitude Era. This mode will allow for brackets consisting of 4, 8, or 16 wrestlers in total, and these matches can be anything from a normal fight to a Hell in the Cell match. Whoever manages to defeat all of the competition will not only win the coveted title of ‘King of the Ring’, but will have the privilege of watching a special in-game cinematic (starring their character) at a coronation ceremony.

The addition of these modes in WWE 13 is a nice surprise, and should make for a much more interesting campaign this time around. Whether gamers want to play through the game’s story mode as The Rock, or just lace up the gloves and have a street fight with Mike Tyson, there seems to be plenty to do in this year’s iteration of the WWE video game property.

WWE 13 will release on October 30th for Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii.

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