WoW Classic: How to Leave a Guild (And How to Make One)

wow classic how to leave a guild

For some fans, one of the primary appeals of World of Warcraft Classic is undoubtedly forming guilds and tackling the biggest challenges that the MMORPG has to offer. Indeed, it has been only one week since the Classic server launched, and players have already come together to reach the level cap and claim the world first kills of Ragnaros and Onyxia in WoW Classic. However, some may find themselves unhappy with the longterm groups that they have joined, which may leave them wondering how to leave a guild in WoW Classic.

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World of Warcraft Classic: How to Leave A Guild

For those that are looking to quit a guild in World of Warcraft Classic, the process is extremely simply. More specifically, all that a player needs to do in order to quit a guild in WoW Classic is:

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  1. Open up guild chat
  2. Enter /gquit in guild chat

Certainly, it is very straightforward to leave a WoW Classic guild, provided that a player know this proper command prompt. As such, fans should not have any trouble quitting a World of Warcraft Classic guild after reading this short guide. Then, once they have completed this process, these players may be wondering how to make a guild in WoW Classic.

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World of Warcraft Classic: How to Make a Guild

It is definitely harder to make a guild in World of Warcraft Classic than it is to leave one, but the process is still relatively straightforward. It is as follows:

  1. Buy a Guild Charter (10 silver) from a guild master in the Alliance or Horde capital city
  2. Get 10 signatures on the Guild Charter

This is all that needs to be done to create a guild in WoW Classic, and with a little work, players should be able to obtain the requisite signatures from players waiting in line in World of Warcraft Classic. Additionally, once the guild is created in World of Warcraft Classic, players that leave will not have any effect on the status of the guild.

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While it is no longer possible for fans to be the world first level 60 in WoW Classic, the MMO still has a great deal to offer. That said, much of the World of Warcraft Classic endgame content is designed for guilds of dedicated players, and it is thus advisable to become familiar with both of the simple procedures outlined in this WoW Classic guide.

World of Warcraft Classic is available now on PC. World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth is available now on PC.

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