The Worms series is set to once again blow you – and the ground a round you – away, this time with a digital reimagining of two of their older titles. Team 17 announced today that their newest project, Worms Ultimate Mayhem, is in development for Xbox Live, PlayStation Network and Steam for PC users as a ‘greatest hits’ package of sorts.

This latest Worms offering will feature newer versions of both Worms 3D and Worms 4: Mayhem so if you haven’t played the older games, or you simply loved them, Worms Ultimate Mayhem may net you great value for your buck.

The Worms Ultimate Mayhem release date has been narrowed down to late 2011, but Team 17 hasn’t revealed the specific date – though you could say the worm has been baited on the hook. The Worms series is known for being a whimsical, non-serious and very entertaining combat simulation game, featuring some of craziest weapons (sheeps and banana-bombs ahoy) seen in video games. Through in some good AI and a ton of Worm-graves and you’ll understand why we love the series. Check out our review of Worms 2: Armageddon to get a taste of what the series has to offer.

The head of design at Team 17, John Dennis, shares his excitment for the upcoming piece of work from his studio, and had a few ‘sales-pitch’ kind of words to say about it:

“It’s been an absolute pleasure getting the chance to revisit two titles that we remember so fondly. In squeezing the entire content of both “Worms 3D” and “Worms 4: Mayhem” into one collector’s edition digital package, we’ve delivered a “best of the 3D Worms games” experience, complete with 60 single player missions, 12 graphical themes, 38 weapons, full online play for up to four players and literally more ways to customize your worm and game experience than we can count.”

The game will be featuring a high-definition makeover, complete with brand new special effects to sparkle on your screen. Team 17 has made a few improvements to their older titles based upon some gathered fan feedback, ranging from improved camera functionality to new maps, voice-acted mission intro videos, and brand new challenges for the achievement-seeking gamer. Regardless of the gameplay remaining virtually unchanged, Ultimate Mayhem is certain to be an entertaining purchase, providing some hilarious and challenging moments.

While many fans are still awaiting on a true, fresh successor to the Worms series, a decently-priced combo package with fresh visuals should be able to tide over more casual fans of the series, though hardcore fans may not be willing to shell out to pay the same games they’ve already played for years.

What do you think about Worms Ultimate Mayhem? Are you going to pick it up and blast away some wriggling worms?

We’ll keep you posted as Team 17 shares more information with us.