Worms Revolution E3 Preview

Wacky voices, explosive combat and sheeps galore are set to return with Worms Revolution, Team17’s newest product set for release later this year. The company’s last title was a compilation of two 3D titles, and ultimately didn’t bring anything fresh to the series (read our review here). This time, however, Team17 is set to return to its 2D routes and have brought several new fresh gameplay mechanics which, after having previewed them on the show floor, we can say will certainly satisfy fans of the franchise.

Team17 have been listening to fan requests during the development stage, and have placed some of the most-requested features straight into Worms Revolution. Now, a team of worms can consist of a combination of 4 different worm types: the Brain Worm, the Soldier Worm, the Scout Worm and the Heavy Worm. Each of these worms, aside from having varying appearances, brings different benefits to the team.

For instance, each Brain Worm on a team will give a +5 health healing bonus at the end of a turn, and can also place turrets on the map — which reign automatic destruction if an enemy worm walks into its line of sight, making strategically placed turrets a viable and handy new strategy. However, turrets can be destroyed with one hit, and Brain Worms take damage very easily. The Soldier is a standard worm, with average health and an average jump. The Scout Worm takes massive damage, but can jump twice as high as other worms and is twice as fast. Lastly, the Heavy Worm is a terrible jumper, but can utilize heavy weapons and take massive damage before going to the worm afterlife.

The new dynamic water system — another oft requested fan feature — brings a lot of fresh strategy to the gameplay. Dynamic water is dispersed throughout the map in puddles, and can also be created with a few weapons like water bombs and water guns. Worms submersed in the dynamic water lose 5 health each turn, meaning clustering them under a puddle can yield massive damage in the long run if they’re stuck in that position. Dynamic water obeys physics, and will drain down slopes of the map if given momentum. Fortunately, there’s a new bathtub plug utility item that allows an underwater worm to drain puddles – however, the regular water surrounding maps still sinks unfortunate worms right away.

Worms Revolution Objects

Breaking that beaker will reign pain on any nearby worms.

There are also unique objects for each terrain type which can be utilized to a team’s advantage. For instance, a test tube might be sticking out of the ground during combat – if a player manages to break it, poisonous gas will fill the surrounding area. Likewise, a petri dish might take a few hits but then drop water all around when it finally cracks. Worms can also use a new telekinesis utility ability – or simply use weaponry – to move these objects to strategic positions, adding a new strategic element to gameplay.

The new gameplay features all come together to bring combat that is familiar enough that veterans of the Worms franchise can jump into it whilst being pleasantly surprised at how the new features change gameplay for the better. A selection of the usual zany voices (along with some new ones) are set to compliment the usual customizable options: weapon settings, random map generation, and team options. The game will contain a standard single-player campaign, but multiplayer will undoubtedly be where the game truly shines (we certainly had a fun time testing it out at E3 2012 this year).

With 47 weapons (including the usual batch of favorites, from sheep to old ladies), Worms Revolution is looking to be an exciting title for fans of the franchise. Team17 have announced that themed DLC will also be made available for the title, granting new weapons, terrain types and voices. Notably, if two people are playing online and only one has the DLC, the other will have access to said weapons for the duration of the match, maintaining an even playing field.

Worms Revolution will come to Xbox Live Arcade and Steam later this year.

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