New Worms Reloaded Trailer Released

Worms Reloaded

British developer Team 17 has released a new trailer for its upcoming PC exclusive title, Worms Reloaded . This footage shows a few of the new additions to the 15-year-old franchise, as well as some of the classic Worms' features that we all know and love.

In addition to the standard arsenal of weapons that Worms players will be familiar with, the trailer showcases a number of new accouterments at your worm's disposal. Players will now have the ability to resurrect dead worms, throw magnets that attract and/or repel metallic objects, and plant sentry guns.  The footage also shows a new weapon called the "Super Bunker Buster" which appears to seek out enemy worms hiding underground and destroy them and their hideout.  The trailer shows off fan favorite Worms features as well.  All the environments are fully destructible, as expected, and rope swinging with the ability to drop dynamite sticks is back, as is my personal favorite Worms weapon: "The Holy Hand Grenade." Have a look at the trailer for Worms Reloaded:


Worms Reloaded marks the return of 2D Worms to the PC, and it looks like the series hasn't missed a beat.  Just from the 60 second trailer you can see that the tongue-in-cheek humor that made the Worms franchise so much fun is still intact. Your worms still scream in helium-voiced fear whenever there's an explosive nearby, and they still spew the same high pitch trash talk that has always been one of my favorite parts of the series.  The last new 2D Worms game released on the PC was Worms World Party in 2001. Since then, Team17 has focused mainly on console iterations of the Worms franchise, and on the Alien Breed games.

Worms Reloaded will be available from Steam for $19.99. If you want to save a bit of cash, Steam has an offer for those that pre-order the game: you'll get a 10% discount and access to the game 24 hours before everybody else. On top of that, you'll also get x6 Worms hats and x10 Forts to use in-game.

Are you guys excited for a new Worms game, or are you too wrapped up with StarCraft 2 to care about another strategy game?

You'll be able to jump into the Worms Reloaded war on August 26, 2010, when the game releases via Steam for your PC.

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