Reality Pump‘s new game, Two Worlds II, is looking sleeker and sexier than the first game could have ever hoped for. And all WE can really hope for is that Reality Pump can deliver a game better than its predecessor: Two Worlds. Many people who played the first game (sadly to say, I am included in said people), didn’t really have much good to say about it, but Reality Pump appears to have listened to the people’s cries of anguish when developing the sequel.

Reality Pump hopes to fill in the gaps and fulfill the potential of the first game, which was plagued with framerate issues and various glitches. The internet’s first real glimpse of the game in action has now been released, and to say the least, it looks aesthetically incredible compared to the first. If Reality Pump can create a gameplay experience on and off-line to match the good looks on display, gamers who doubted this title may be put into shock and awe. At this point, I shall cease my blathering and let you take a look at the impressive debut trailer:

As you can see, Reality Pump is stressing the improved graphics and effects of the all-new GRACE engine in the sequel, and the trailer shows off the combat system within the game. Hopefully, the completed package comes with with an equally bad-ass storyline. Are you willing to give the Two Worlds universe another try after the disappointing first title?

Two Worlds II is set for release on September 14, 2010, for the PCPlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.

Source: Game Trailers