World of Warcraft Wisdom: Born on Third, Thought He Hit a Triple

World of Warcraft Wisdom

I remember when it first dawned on me that I really don't like to play any real sense of DPS, even when leveling a character. But, it was one time back in the Wrath days when a buddy and I were taking turns healing or playing DPS. I was on my priest, Abbysomeone, and he was on his druid, and both of us were dual specification, you know, way back when, that time when it cost 1,000 gold to dual spec.

Anyway, it was my turn to DPS in shadow and he was healing. I was running my rotation, pushing the same buttons over and over and over again. We were fine, but I was getting bored by the time we were waiting for the second boss in Azjol-Nerub. In case you don't remember it, Hardronox is the giant spider, and should your group attack right away, then you have mobs to fight on top of the boss.

We had already run a few dungeons, remember, this was WotLK, you could burn through a dungeon in 15 minutes with ease. And, in case you don't remember, I get very bored on DPS. I was hitting the tipping point of running DPS where I do something stupid. I remember thinking that it was time to create some excitement for me (and my healing buddy). I whispered him to get ready and before he could respond, I threw a bubble around me and went in and filled Hardronox with DoTs and let out an AoE.

Maybe I wanted to see if the tank could pull a mob off a clothie. Maybe I wanted to unleash my inner Leroy Jenkins. Now that I think of it, this was before the "Leeeeroy Jenkins" meme took hold both inside and outside of Azeroth. It makes me wonder if we all have a bit of Leroy in us? Or, is it just those of us who get easily bored?

Hardronox came right after me, by which time my buddy had every healing spell on me he could. When he finally replied, he cursed at me, but laughed. And the tank never was able to pull the boss off of me. And, to my buddy's credit, I didn't die. I was a priest tank. The tank said I was an idiot and left the group. The rest of us laughed.

I was told by others, while funny, don't do it again. I did. And yes, I died.

World of Warcraft Bosses: Hardronox

My point here is this. I really don't like to play DPS. I know this. But, I went and made a hunter (Yes, finally. A hunter has always seemed a bit like cheating to me) and, while she is at 30, I am already bored with her. I have run her through a couple of dungeons, but am done with it. Once you have a rotation for mobs down and one for bosses, the fun is all gone. Any character can mow down the quests, the fun, though comes in two areas: dungeons and PVP. It is for PVP that I am making this hunter.

Above I said that it seems a bit like cheating. I remember when I first started playing World of Warcraft and I was told that if I wanted an easy game, make a hunter. If I wanted a challenge, make a priest. So I made a lock. While I often accept advise, I liked the story of the Forsaken and the role of the warlock in the lore. A lock is quite fun for DPS (I won't hold it against my lock playing buddy in Texas), but I still have the same reaction in dungeons. Mages are fun to level with because until you hit a certain level, they go down so easily, so there is a bit of fun in developing an early strategy for dealing with mobs and the like. Of course, in dungeons, they can be a tad over-powered. I guess Blizzard will be nerfing some of their abilities, as in both dungeons and PVP, they can dominate a bit too easily.

But, back to the hunter. As a quick aside, if you haven't made an Undead character since the release of Cataclysm, you really need to. Blizzard completely updated the opening quests, and you get a wonderful history of the Forsaken, along with how things stand in the Horde since the fall of Arthas. There is also a nice background on Shadow Fang Keep and Gilneas, which ties in the Worgen to the whole game. I haven't created a Troll, Tauren, or Orc since Cata was released, but I assume Blizzard has done equally well in those areas, too.

I made the hunter, though, to play her in PVP. I can't count how many times my fanny has been handed to me by one. You know the feeling: You're wandering about Arathi Basin and suddenly there is a spider all over you and your stamina is at three quarters with all sorts of DoTs taking more away. You life grip the hunter to you and he hits you quickly with a wing clip and then hits disengage and is busy filling you up with arrows (I still can't accept guns in WoW, they just don't fit the idea of a game set in a fantasy realm). You've already burned your life grip, that damn animal is doing whatever damage it does, and that damn hunter is busy filling you up with arrows, immolation traps, and if that is not enough, you're caught in his ice trap. Damn.

World of Warcraft: Orc Hunter

I want this. I want to be the hunter, but I need to get there first, which I am not sure I will be able to do. I find myself running her and getting bored. It really is a bit like cheating. It is like that old expression, a hunter was born on third base. So easy for him to round the bases now, he only has to run to home plate for the win.

I have never been partial to those of us born on third base; especially those who were and think they hit a triple to get there. Think: Many of our elected officials are this way, born on third, though they hit a triple, but in all reality, for many (not all) of them, they were simply put there by being born to the right parents or raised in favorable conditions. This is why they have such a difficult time relating to those of us in the trenches working our fannies off to get to third base; and they are walking to home plate, martini in hand, asking what all the ruckus is. Maybe Blizzard made the hunter to give the player a leg up. But, having to run the same quests and the like, the player, like the politician, is deluded in thinking that he got to third on hard work and merit. When in reality, it really is too easy for hunters.

I will eventually get the hunter up there, but it will take some time, as my boredom with her gets in the way. Until then, I will keep running Sedagive (who does not, nor ever will have a DPS set) in PVP and new content. I will keep healing on Abby (who does not, nor ever will have a DPS set).

What do you think about the hunter? Was she born on third base? Do you have some classes that you really can't stand to play?

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