World of Warcraft Wisdom: Got Boredom Yet?

World of Warcraft Wisdom

In our fifth installment of our weekly World of Warcraft Wisdom feature I discuss options for boredom.

Believe it or not, there has been and continues to be debate in various philosophical circles regarding the role boredom plays in self-determination. Danish philosopher, Søren Kierkegaard, noted that "boredom is the root of all evil." However, boredom doesn't always lead to a life of existential dread. We must remember that Kierkegaard said this before MMO's and various gaming systems were out there.

However, we all have felt those times of boredom in the game and in our lives. The question, then, is what to do in World of Warcraft when boredom strikes?

I have my usual pattern: hit a heroic, then the dailies at Tol Barad. After that, should the timing be right, I like to hit a battle ground or two, or run something with the guild. But what to do after that? What happens when that sense of "dread" comes along, when I have done all the essentials for the day?

Since Cataclysm has made making gold quite easy, leveling professions is not what it once was. Hit one heroic, some dailies, cover your repair bill, and the rest is pocket change. It seems so easy to make gold these days, that I don't work too hard on my professions. My tailoring is not all the way up there, nor are my herbals, scripts, and alchemy skills. But those down times are wonderful for getting professions up there. That said, if working on professions just doesn't get your gaming itch scratched - there are other options to cure the doldrums.

One option is to wander about, see the changes in Azeroth since Blackwing developed a case of boredom himself and altered the landscape. There are many new vistas to see, foods to taste, quests to be had. I must have spent at least 30 minutes boating around Thousand Needles. To be honest, I hated questing there pre-Cataclysm; and when I made my Goblin warrior and had to go there, I was not looking forward to it.

But, when I got there, well I simply fell in love. The place is beautiful and complete with a party barge!

Oh, and while you're at it, make sure you check out all the new, convenient fly points that have been added. I think about the toons I have leveled in Arathi Highlands before Cataclysm, I think about the hours spent running back and forth from Hammerfall to quests, and now Blizzard goes and adds nifty, convenient fly points to make life easier. Nice going, Blizzard. Smart move, I think. These added fly points throughout Azeroth make moving around nice and easy.

I don't know about some of you, but people tell me I have "toon ADD." I have so many alts running around my server it really is ridiculous. I use times when I am bored with either of my two main characters, the priest and paladin, to level up the babies. Alas, once again, Blizzard has come through with Cataclysm and has made leveling much faster and easier. Quests have been streamlined, more XP given for completion, along with heirlooms and if you're in a high level guild, you can get goodness knows how much extra percentage of experience for quests.

With alts in mind, if you haven't started a new toon since the release of Cataclysm, you really should. Along with the changes in the landscapes, starting zones for the new races are simply fantastic. As well, there is a difference between flying about Azeroth to get the "Explorer" title and playing. Blizzard did a nice job with the lore here, as well. The quest lines have been altered to suit the expansion. In all honesty, starting a new character is in so many ways playing a new game from before.


Of course, don't forget to gather some of your achievements. There are many you can do alone while questing or wandering about. It seems, since Cataclysm, the number of "Explorer" titles has shot way up because we can just hop on a flying mount and cover the area rather quickly. Another fun solo achievement, find the right spot and get the "Going Down" one. What about getting reputation up and "fill up your barn" with mounts? There are plenty more achievements you can hit when bored.

One of these days I want to have a nice collection of companion pets. I have to admit, I get a bit envious when I see people release a companion and it is not the Corehound pup, or any of the others Blizzard has given out here and there over the years. There are rare spawns throughout Azeroth where these little guys can and do drop.

There are many activities we can do. Sadly, I really am no good when bored. I could level professions. I could do dailies. I could wait in a queue for a heroic. I could level South Shore. I could hit some achievements.

The question is, what do you do when boredom strikes? Take some time and fill out the poll.

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