World of Warcraft Wisdom: What Do You Roll?

World of Warcraft Wisdom

In our fourth installment of our weekly World of Warcraft Wisdom feature I discuss why I love my priest.

I have been playing World of Warcraft for some five years now. I have experimented with just about every variation of play style and character on both factions. In that time, I have come to settle on either healers or tanks as my preferred classes and play styles. That is not to say I don’t have others, just they are my first go-to characters.

My first foray into Azeroth was as a Night Elf druid. I enjoyed the ability to play three different toons in one; however, even through today, I still never got a feel for tanking on a druid, even though I see so many do it easily. So, I spent most of my time on my druid healing dungeons and running around in cat form to complete quests.

When Burning Crusade came out, about six months after I started playing, I made my move to the Horde. I selected a Blood Elf rogue and played him for quite some time. But, after hitting level 60 and hearing a healer belly ache about keeping a hunter’s pet alive - and later whining when a warlock would Spirit Tap, I made myself a Blood Elf priest and fell in love with healing. There is no room for belly aching in this world (both real and virtual), so Abbysomeone was born. On top of that, the rogue was boring me to tears.

With a priest, there is so much to offer a player. When I created Abbysomeone, priests were the strongest healers out there, which is no longer the case it seems. I am currently working on a Tauren druid to see what I think of her healing. After I get her up there, then I will create a shaman, as with the Cataclysm, they seem to be one of the stronger healers. But, I just can't see myself playing a paladin as a healer, they just seem too tough for it. Let's face it, plate was meant for melee, not standing back there casting heals.

But, there is something about the priest.

I have leveled many toons, have a few at 85, but I keep coming back to Abby. Abby has been my main since I created her those many years ago. Her diversity of play, her potential toughness in PVP, and other reasons all give me a fun character with whom to run around the vistas of Azeroth.

I decided on a priest because, at that time, they were pretty much dedicated to healing. Yes, there were shamans, druids, and paladins, but when I made Abby, if you wanted a solid healer, you went for the priest.  Of course, quite a bit has changed since then, shamans, paladins, and druids all present strong heals.

I leveled her to 80 as a DPS/discipline priest, these were the days before dual specialization. In order to more easily level and provide solid heals in instances, I developed a balance of healing and DPS. It took a while, what with low damage in questing and especially in the days before the random group system (which still leaves quite a bit to be desired for DPS). But, it was easier to make a call on a chat channel: Heals LFG, ZF.  And sooner or later, a group would be made and an instance run.

Once I hit 80, though, I decided that Holy specialization was the way to go. While a Discipline healer was effective at keeping a tank alive, I enjoy the challenges raid and group healing presented. At that time, I played a raid every now and again, especially with OS and VoA, both so quick and easy to clear. I spent my time and cleared Naxx, though I never felt the urge to hit Ulduar, by that time I was done with raids, and alas, I never did go in to the Ice Crown Citadel raid. I was simply content leveling my clothies and running heroics.

Abby has been through all of them though. A while back, I got bored with holy healing, so I changed her to a pure discipline healer, which I enjoyed quite a bit.  But, with some of the changes that came with Cataclysm, I wanted to go back to holy. In my experience, it's the preferred manner of healing a group. Discipline also just seems to burn mana so quickly (of course, much of this is more likely player error, but hey, what can you expect from a 42 year old man playing a female character), while holy seems to get a stronger heal for the amount of mana used.

Up until the release of Cataclysm, healing was easy, in fact, all instance runs were easy. Easy to gear, easy to heal heroics, raids, and battle grounds. But Cataclysm has made our job a bit more difficult. It was once a quick heal to get a tank from almost death to full health, now it takes a few greater heals to get her from half health back to full health. But, I guess that is why I like healing so much, there is a challenge there. I have to keep my mind on mana, while making sure that I keep the tank up to health. I have to keep your attention on DPS, too, especially if they are in a sure fire hurry and start pulling.

My wife enjoys thinking that I run healers because that is closer to who I am outside of Azeroth. I like to think it is because of the challenge it offers. There are wonderful moments in an instance when my pulse quickens and I have to decide quickly who gets what spell and whether or not I let one DPS go to save a hunter’s pet who is doing tremendous damage. Of course, when some DPS pulls a mob, chances are that no heals are sent his way. Like the real world, I hate stupidity in Azeroth and let those who make a stupid choice deal with that choice.

So, when push comes to shove, regardless of how many toons you may have, what character keeps you going and why?

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