Those waiting with baited breath for Sam Raimi’s World of Warcraft movie better go ahead and exhale (otherwise you may die), because the picture is still deep in the developmental stage. IF Magazine caught up with the film’s executive producer Robert Tapert at a recent industry event, and he was quick to address the rumors that the long-awaited adaptation from Blizzard’s Warcraft universe would be coming sooner rather than later due to Raimi’s recent departure from Spider-Man 4. According to Tapert:

I don’t want to speak on Sam’s behalf, because the Spiderman thing happened so recently. I think he’s getting his feet under him and trying to decide. He might want to do a teeny, tiny small film, but I don’t know what he wants to do. I know he had a great time doing Drag Me to Hell.

I was just as excited as the next Blizzard fan to hear they were making a movie based on Warcraft lore, especially since we all know how important quality is to Blizzard (and the fact that they laughed Uwe Boll out of the room when he expressed interest in their property). Next came Raimi, and the interwebz blew up. Could this finally be the video game adaptation that moves the respect for the genre forward? I think so, but remember, folks, this is Hollywood and things can change really quickly. As for right now, keep high hopes, but don’t expect World of Warcraft: The Movie to hit theaters anytime soon.

Source: IFMag (via Destructoid)