World of Warcraft Classic World First Level 60 Attained

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The first player has reached World of Warcraft Classic's level cap of 60 since the MMO launched on August 26. Jokerd is the player's name and they're an experienced World of Warcraft leveler, having attained similar world firsts on World of Warcraft private servers. The achievement doesn't come with any direct prize. However, Jokerd's Twitch channel did explode from 1,000 followers to over 100,000 and climbing. Over 300,000 viewers watched Jokerd reach 60.

Jokerd's world-first level 60 character is a Gnome Mage. Gnomes get a racial bonus of +5% intelligence, giving Jokerd's Mage a healthy damage bonus as they farmed their way to max level. He may not have needed it, however, because the race wasn't close. When Jokerd hit level 60, his nearest competition was still level 58.

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How Jokerd was able to climb through World of Warcraft Classic's levels so fast isn't a secret. He leveraged a server technology implemented by Blizzard called "layering" to gain experience extremely efficiently. Layering essentially creates new versions of regions within World of Warcraft Classic to help avoid server congestion. All Jokerd had to do is join a new party to create a new layer, which would respawn the enemies at his chosen farming location.

Taking advantage of layering is just one part of Jokerd's strategy, however. The other half is simple enough -- he played a whole lot and slept very little. Jokerd's playtime in World of Warcraft Classic when they hit level 60 was over 3 days and 7 hours. After World of Warcraft Classic's launch, they played for 36 hours straight. Thankfully, the first thing Jokerd did after reaching level 60 (and taking a victory lap around Stormwind) was go to bed.

Jokerd reaches level 60 around the 18:18:42 mark. Content warning for explicit language.

Funnily enough, after Jokerd reached level 60 he tried to delete his character. He simply likes leveling that much, and doesn't seem to have any interest in level 60 activities. Players can't delete their characters if they have unopened mail in their mailbox. So Jokerd's server, guild, and viewers kept sending him mail so that they could preserve the legendary Gnome Mage.

Saturday morning Jokerd logged in and decided to give level 60 a try: "I am a horrible player. I have never played the game at level 60." But he does know how to farm enemies. Jokerd has spent his time since relaxing with his Twitch chat, farming gold, and plans to buy an Epic Mount soon.

World of Warcraft Classic is available now on PC.

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