World Of Warcraft Classic: How To Make Gold Fast

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When it comes to looking back on the vanilla WoW days, there are some shared experiences that nearly all players tend to bring up. Barrens chat, finding someone with a key for an Upper Blackrock Spire, and, of course, saving up for your first mount. Gold feels a lot easier to come back in the current era of WoW, now that players have had years to store up massive treasures, but that is all going to be quite different when World of Warcraft Classic launches.

World of Warcraft Classic kicks off in just over a week and players around the world will restart the grind to level 60. Hitting level 40 and unlocking Mount Riding is a pivotal moment on that journey, but having the required Gold it takes to buy your first mount can be a big ask for players who haven't been planning ahead. Buying news spells is expensive, repairs add up, there are materials and potions to purchase, and lots of other incidental costs during the leveling process. Keep a loaded wallet can certainly be a challenge.

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Not to worry though. Getting rich in the old days of vanilla WoW was certainly possible and it's not hard to look back at what worked and develop a plan for the best path to fortune this time around. Players can use these strategies to start gaining Gold quickly, but don't forget to be frugal and plan ahead for big purchases like your first mount at 40 and your Epic Mount training closer to the endgame. Those big purchases an quickly drain a lot of resources.

Double Up On Gathering Professions

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One thing that hasn't changed since the early days of WoW is the value of gathering professions. Herbs, skinning, and mining materials always tend to hold a high value at in the Auction House, thanks to some players trying to power-level the coordinating crafting professions. This strategy will be a little risky early the game, when there aren't many wealthy players yet, but definitely pays off in the long run. Doubling up on gathering professions and offloading everything in the Auction House is a very viable path to wealth, with the only major downside being that you are left without a crafting profession of your own. This definitely isn't a dealbreaker, but obviously limit some of what your character can do. Be sure to check out our WoW Classic best professions for each class guide when considering this strategy.

Play The Auction House

This strategy requires the most time, thought, and planning; but can ultimately be incredibly profitable. Players who picture themselves as the Azeroth version of Wall Street traders and brokers can monitor the AH on a daily basis and start to predict the trends of their server economy. This allows them to buy up certain valuable resource when the prices bottom out and then shortly after resell them back at a reasonable (or above reasonable) rate. Playing the AH does have some risk involved if players make a bad decision and spend a bunch of Gold on items or resources that they then have trouble reselling at a profit. This approach isn't for the faint of heart, but definitely offers some serious wealth potential for the right kind of player.

Be Cheap

WoW Classic Profession Guide

This advice is less about making extra Gold and more about hanging on to the Gold you've earned through other methods. It is very easy to overspend in WoW, but there are a few easy ways players can curb some spending and keep their bankroll growing, instead of shrinking.

Don't Buy Every Skill - For players who weren't around during vanilla WoW (or just don't recall), new skills are as expensive as they are exciting. Leveling up and being unable to afford a new skill is something that is definitely going to be an adjustment. This gets a lot less painful when players realize that they don't actually need every skill available to their class while leveling up (or even for the endgame, really). Know your class well and plan ahead for which skills you actually want and need.

Find a Mage - Food and drink can be a necessity in WoW. Save some money by simply asking a Mage (one of the strongest Classic PvP classes) to conjure some food and drink for you when group questing or dungeoning together.

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Crafting Professions

Although gathering professions get a lot of the quick Gold attention, there is serious money to be made with crafting professions for players who find the right recipes or patterns and take the time to level up their jobs. Don't forget that your crafting profession is about more than just the BoP items that you make for yourself. Figure out which items you can make that are in high demand and get your small business started!

Get Lucky

Although it's not super useful, this items still had to make the list. Players can spend time grinding mobs that have a small percentage chance to drop a purple bind on equip items and plan to sell that item on the Auction House. We definitely don't recommend this method unless you are grinding those mobs for some other purpose already (like for leather or because they drop high level cloth, or something like that). This is an unreliable method, but it is definitely very exciting if you end up getting a purple to drop and can manage to find an interested buyer.

Be sure to check back for more WoW Classic strategy guides, news, and updates in the coming days. Until then, For The Horde!

World of Warcraft Classic releases August 27, 2019 on PC. World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth is available now on PC.

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