World of Warcraft Classic: All The Classes, Ranked

Finally, Blizzard Entertainment has given in to the requests of fans by creating a blast from the past that is World of Warcraft Classic. Recreating the atmosphere of World of Warcraft when it launched is a nostalgia trip like we've never seen before. Much of the success of World of Warcraft Classic is owed to its classes.

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Classes in World of Warcraft Classic are slightly different than the regular game. For starters, some of the balancings haven't taken place yet. Certain classes can be viewed as inferior, but at the end of the day, it is whichever you enjoy and to each their own. This is World of Warcraft: all the classes ranked.

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9 Paladin

Although it has much potential, the Paladin class is a challenge to play. It can only heal single-targets as a Holy Paladin. Overall, its weapon damage is low compared to other classes. With that said, the Paladin can be one of the most enjoyable classes to play for those into the leveling game.

The endgame, however, gives many players trouble. Other classes like Fury Warriors and Holy Priests are far better for DPS and healing, respectively. Notably, the Paladin class is exclusive to the Alliance in World of Warcraft Classic. With a few adjustments, the Paladin might have been a top-tier class like it is in regular World of Warcraft.

8 Druid

The ability to specialize in healing and Feral makes the Druid a worthy class. It is an all-around versatile character, which is recommended for all players. Unfortunately, the Druid limits you to healing and using the bear form in Feral for the first 20 levels of the game.

If you don't mind being a healer or an animal, the Druid is a desirable World of Warcraft Classic class. Chances are, you'll be healing at level 60 if you choose a Druid, and using its bear and cat forms for a large portion of its leveling.

7 Shaman

Shaman is useful for both healing and damage, making it similar to both the Mage and the Priest classes. In World of Warcraft Classic, people can decide to be a Shaman if they select an Orc, Tauren, or Troll on the Horde alliance. The Shaman is exclusive to Horde and can cast a variety of elemental skills to deal ranged damage.

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Players can choose to battle at close range with daggers, fist weapons, maces, axes, and staves. As a tank, it is not as effective, but it's an excellent all-around class. As a healer, it is one of the most effective in the game.

6 Warlock

A Warlock is strong in both PvE and PvP, unlike some other World of Warcraft classes. High DPS attacks from long range make the Warlock a top threat. They can only wear cloth armor in World of Warcraft Classic, which is why focusing on ranged attacks is highly recommended.

Leveling with the Warlock is easygoing since it can do an enormous amount of damage from short and long-range. Warlocks exist in both Horde and Alliance with the best race being Gnome because of its increased intellect. In Horde, one could choose Orc or Undead and receive race bonuses towards PvP.

5 Rogue

Thankfully, Blizzard Entertainment did a phenomenal job creating its classes. The Rogue is yet another smart choice for game progression. It's advantageous to choose a Rogue as your starting character since it uses stealth to sneak by fierce foes, allowing safer exploration.

Also, its lockpicking will assist you with finding loot throughout the game. It can't heal itself, which is one drawback of the Rogue Class, but you may not need to because of its stealth abilities. Who knows? A Rogue could become your main if you play your cards right.

4 Mage

Mage is widely considered to be the best ranged DPS in World of Warcraft Classic. From the beginning of your World of Warcraft Classic adventure, the Mage boasts high DPS with moves like Elemental Precision. Moreover, advantageous moves like Ice Block gives the Mage high potential as a Frost Mage and interrupt enemy movements.

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Skill plays a factor since you'll need to build the Mage class correctly and use it like a professional. The Mage class is one of the reasons why we love World of Warcraft Classic. Pick a Mage on a PvP server, and you'll have a blast.

3 Priest

The Priest is unquestionably the most effective healer in the game. It can deliver some of the best single-target and AOE healing in World of Warcraft Classic. Managing your Mana stats take some skill, but that won't stop many beginners from choosing it anyway. Priests are essential characters in World of Warcraft Classic. Combined with a tank, the Priest is nearly unstoppable.

Choose a Dwarf Priest if you decide to go Alliance because of its Fear Ward technique. According to, Troll and Undead are both suitable for PvE, but Undead might work better for PvP because of Will of the Forsaken, which provides immunities to Charm, Fear, and Sleep.

2 Hunter

Hunters combined with their ferocious animal companions are masters of the game. Skilled in range, they are highly versatile. In World of Warcraft Classic, playing as the Hunter Class is the easiest way to reach max level. Many people consider the Hunter to be the best class in the game because of its easy leveling and high potential in the late game.

Choose a Night Elf if you plan to play on the Alliance because of its Nature Resistance, Quickness, and Shadowmeld. Troll or Orc can be used for Horde, but Troll is the better choice for PvE. The Troll's Berserking spell will send Pallys and Shammies running for the hills.

1 Warrior

When given the proper gear, the Warrior becomes the highest DPS outputting class. Warriors can annihilate raid bosses, and with top armor sets and rare weapons, their power grows even more. It is often played as an off-tank, taking the pressure off the main tank in a group.

Human is the most effective Alliance class for PvE, and Orc is the best for both PvE and PvP. If your not a tank, you may as well strive for DPS. Humans have Sword Specialization and Mace Specialization skills that increase Rage and inflict more DPS.

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