World Of Warcraft Classic: 5 Things We’re Looking Forward To (And 5 We Could Live Without)

World of Warcraft Classic launches on August 27, bringing with it an original build of the game. Players old and new will be able to enjoy everything that was in place back when it was first released. From class and mount restrictions, to different spells and skill trees, there are many changes between the game of old and the one we play now.

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Some of the changes were welcomed, easing frustrations and creating a better game, while others are missed. So which changes were the best? Here are 5 things which we’re looking forward to and 5 changes which we could live without.

10 Looking Forward To: Hunters Caring For Their Pets

These days hunters begin the game with a pet by their side, which mostly requires little to no attention, unless in battle. Originally hunters didn’t have a pet at all until they reached level 10 and after that looking after them was important.

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Hunters embarked on a quest chain which taught them how to tame and care for their new pets. They even had to feed them, in order to increase their happiness and in turn their damage. It will be great to feel like pets are once again pets, which require care and attention.

9 Could Live Without: Gold Farmers

Back when the game first came out you’d often see groups of players using automation to farm gold. It was feared that gold farming in Classic would be widespread, just as it used to be.

Luckily Blizzard has reassured us that they are on top of this. In an interview with Eurogamer, lead software engineer Ryan Birmingham says that Blizzard has “better detection algorithms and techniques today than we had before.” Hopefully, this means that areas of the map being taken over by players using bots will be a thing of the past.

8 Looking Forward To: Earning Your Levels

When the game first came out levels meant something. A number of factors combined to ensure that it took a long time to earn every single level, even the early ones. The result was that as you saw that ding, you really felt like you’d earned it.

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All too often leveling is rushed now. Back in the early game, it was a huge part of the experience, and something it was encouraged to take your time while doing. Questing for the enjoyment of questing and the reward of a hard-earned level will be an enjoyable nostalgia trip.

7 Could Live Without: Faction Restrictions

World of Warcraft Classic goes so far back that we encounter faction-based restrictions, which simply don’t exist anymore. If you wanted to play a paladin, then you had to roll an Alliance character. Likewise, if you wanted to play as a shaman, then Horde was your only faction choice.

Originally the two classes were designed as a counterpart to each other, hence the restriction. The availability of all classes for both factions wasn’t introduced until The Burning Crusade, when the Horde were given Blood Elf paladins and the Alliance gained Draenai shamans.

6 Looking Forward To: Low Level Instances

Nowadays gear is so easy to acquire, and early levels go by so quick, that players rarely venture into the early dungeons or raids. Even if you do take the leap, you’ll acquire experience so fast you’ll quickly overpower most of them.

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The experience of early dungeons at level will likely surprise players who never played back then. They are long, complex, engaging and jam packed full of lore. You’ll find complex encounters and some great experiences to be had, especially in the Deadmines.

5 Could Live Without: Long Respawn Times

Nowadays the game has dynamic respawns, meaning mobs will appear faster in well-populated areas. Back in the olden days, we weren’t so lucky and it made some quests very long and boring.

Expect to find the starter zones in particular incredibly irritating, as numerous players all try to kill the same kobolds or scorpions.

Those long respawn times, and the feeling of frustration when you take a swing a split second after a spell tags your target, are things we could definitely live without.

4 Looking Forward To: Old Skill Trees

Skills are now a simple affair. You are offered 3 choices of spells, on a limited number of tiers. Back when the game began, skill trees were a thing of beauty. They were expansive sprawling affairs, with numerous combinations available.

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Enjoy experimenting to create a skill tree which truly fits your play style. If you’ve never seen an original skill tree then you’re in for a treat, they are an experience which is still missed today.

3 Could Live Without: No Map Tracking

These days in-game maps are vital tools for many players. They display the location of any quests in your log and there are even exclamation points highlighting some quest hubs you missed. The minimap tracks all kinds of useful things and is often referred to.

Back when the Classic version of the game was out the minimap was just that, a minimap. If you wanted to track anything you needed an array of mods or a tab open, so you could search for the location of your next quest.

2 Looking Forward To: Simpler Cities

Back when the game began the capital cities were much smaller and more compact. As the world has grown, so have the capitals but that old nostalgia will kick in as you venture back to the stripped back but still beautiful cities of old.

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Expect crowds and chaos as you venture into the wide open spaces, where buildings are more scarce and people are all packed into one room. This experience may get old fast, especially when the raiders come and quickly wipe out all the NPCs, but it will be fun.

1 Could Live Without: The Fear Of Using Fear

In the early game using crowd control spells, such as fear or psychic scream, was a huge gamble. They were easy to use but very difficult to master. This was due to their habit of sending players full speed in different directions, often straight into other packs of mobs.

Pulling extra enemies with a badly timed fear was very common, leading many players to be extremely cautious with the spell, if they even used it at all. It certainly wasn’t ideal at this time, when crowd control was also much more important.

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