Countdown To Cataclysm: 2 Weeks - Get Your Specs Ready

World of Warcraft

Since World of Warcraft 4.0.1 hit, everyone has been scrambling - relearning how to play the various classes. New talent trees, new specs, new rotations, new mastery, everything has changed literally, and the Cataclysm hasn’t even hit yet!

With all these changes, and all these new specs and rotations, players have been so focused on what is going on now and might have forgotten that, in 2 short weeks, we will need to look at new leveling specs, talents, and abilities.

Cataclysm is not to be taken lightly - the new zones and mobs will be unlike anything players have fought against in Wrath. Crowd control is coming back with vengeance and players will need to reassess their strategies. No more AOE tanking - or soloing heroic bosses. The challenge bar has been raised and it's time to get ready.

Take a look at your talents - which ones will be useful to you in your quest to level 85? Talk to your guildies - what they are planing to do and how you can all help each other? It's not going to be the same game, just look at the bosses for the elemental attacks. These seemingly old, and easy, bosses are giving us a taste of what's to come - and we can suspect that, with 2 weeks to go, the event is just getting started.

World of Warcraft

Don’t worry about your armor. Your very first quest green will make you cry in your epic purples. Just like in BC, and Wrath, Cataclysm will have us shedding our hard earned gear in no time; however, make sure to save those justice points. The points will be worth heroic blues (which will be the new heroic armor) - when you get to end game. Those blues are set to be equal to the heroic purples we have now.

If you are at the point cap (4000), then you should get some new armor and goodies (to help you a long until you replace them) because, if you're capped, you're just wasting any points you could earn. Though, if you're not capped, hang on to your points. If you spend a couple thousand points now, just to replace the item in 2 weeks, it might just break your heart.

Look up your abilities - see what new spells you will be getting on your journey to 85. Plan ahead and figure out how your gear, armor, and specs will effect those skills, because things are going to be different.  Take a look at hunters - it has long been understood that the best leveling spec is Beast Master. Always has, always will. Right? Wrong. Currently the best leveling spec in Cataclysm is Marksmen, because hunter pets cam take advantage of specs, and equal talents in both BM or MM (and the DPS boost of MM is huge) - and this is just one class example. Things are different all around and you need to be prepared!

World of Warcraft is one of the most dynamic games the world has ever seen, so that being said, it is possible that everything we know right now about the release could be completely out of date in 2 weeks. It’s unlikely, but it is very possible. With 12 million players getting ready, you do not want to be left in the dark fumbling around. Get your specs ready now!

Are you going to be DPS, Tank, or Heals when Cataclysm comes? Have you planned out your spec yet? Tell us all about your plans in the comments bellow, maybe we can help each other figure out the best rotations, specs and gear to help us get to 85!

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