World of Warcraft Classic: The 4 Best (& 4 Worst) Races

World of Warcraft Classic is possibly the most successful remaster in the history of video games. A nostalgic throwback to the good old days when World of Warcraft was a less chaotic place makes World of Warcraft Classic a hit.

Human, Dwarf, Night Elf, Gnome, Orc, Undead, Tauren, and Troll; much of the success of the game is owed to its races. The races of the original World of Warcraft game are impeccably detailed, providing players with an experience beyond their wildest dreams. Much of the balancings hadn't taken place in the World of Warcraft Classic version, so races may be considered unequal. Of course, there is no right or wrong answer, as everyone is free to enjoy World of Warcraft however they wish. This is World of Warcraft Classic: the four best and four worst races.

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8 Best: Human

This Alliance race is an exceptional Warrior class due to having bonuses to swords and maces. The Human race is relatively young compared to the other World of Warcraft races. Since the Warrior class can deliver such high damage, it is regarded as one of the, if not the best, races in World of Warcraft Classic. Moreover, the Human race has an increase in stealth detection, increased spirit, and bonuses to reputation gains.

As a race that can choose between six classes, it is a highly desirable choice for many. It's the most versatile race to play in World of Warcraft Classic. Beginners and advanced players will find joy in playing the Human race.

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7 Worst: Dwarf

The great thing about World of Warcraft is that you can customize your experience. Although it is recommended to use guns with a Dwarf, you could become a sword-wielding Warrior, a hammer-wielding Paladin, or a bow-wielding Hunter.

The Dwarf race receives bonuses with guns, may assume a stone form, has resistances to Frost, and they are remarkable treasure finders. Ironforge is a Gnome and Dwarf capital city for the Alliance. You'll find comfort in playing with the Dwarf knowing you'll be able to choose exceptional classes and skills. A Dwarven bonus to Constitution will protect Dwarves from receiving some damage.

6 Best: Night Elf

Many people wisely start the game with a Night Elf. One significant reason is the fact that they turn into the wisp form while dead. The wisp form travels at a faster speed than a ghost. Especially for people who are doing their first playthrough, the wisp form can save them a great deal of time.

Some other reasons to choose a Night Elf are for their higher dodge chance, resistance to Nature damage, and ability to fade into the shadows. Night Elfs used to be dominant forces in Azeroth but recklessly used primal magic to bring them to ruins.

5 Worst: Gnome

Although they are short, Dwarfs aren't the smallest characters in World of Warcraft Classic. Gnomes are much smaller than every other race, but that has nothing do with their power. They make for exceptional warriors, rogues, mages, and warlocks.

Gnomes aid their allies whenever possible. They have bonuses in intellect and are remarkable at escaping from speed altering effects. What they lack in stature they more than make up for in intellect. Also, Gnomes have an increased Engineering skill and strong resistance to Arcane damage.

4 Best: Orc

Since the beginning of Warcraft, Orcs have been highly recognizable. They are sort of like mascots for Blizzard Entertainment as many of their games use Orcs as characters. In World of Warcraft, Orcs are considered among the most fierce characters. They wage war against the humans, but, from their perspective, they are the good guys. On their home planet of Draenor, Orcs were a peaceful species.

An enragement bonus allows Orcs to deal a great deal of damage, making them suitable for the Warrior class. Also, their increase in skill with axes is another reason to choose a physical class like Warrior. You'll often see Orcs with pets since they deal extra damage with them. Orcs are too awesome in design and skill, which is why they are considered one of World of Warcraft's best races.

3 Worst: Undead

The Undead operated under the Lich King until one day they were freed from his rule. They care nothing about their alliance and only for self-gain. As a member of the Horde, Undead are one of the strongest and one of the weakest. They can be Warriors, Rogues, Priests, Mages, or Warlocks in World of Warcraft Classic.

As the Undead races defeat enemies, they gain strength through the absorption of health. The Undead may be a formidable race, but they are one of the worst races, regardless. They don't measure up to other World of Warcraft Horde races, which is why they are labeled as a worst.

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2 Best: Troll

They are honorable members of the Horde and are some of the most fierce warriors. Persuaded by the Orcs, the Trolls joined the Horde despite their dark heritage. They have an increase in regeneration, an increase in damage versus beasts, boosts to throwing and bow weapon damage, and a Berserk skill that can inflict a ton of damage. Because of the Berserk ability alone, trolls are desireable.

What also doesn't hurt is the fact they can be Warriors, Hunters, Rogues, Priests, Shamans, or Mages. In World of Warcraft Classic, the Humans are the only other race that can be six different classes. For these reasons, Troll is considered to be one of World of Warcraft's best races.

1 Worst: Tauren

The Tauren are in fact a peaceful race, unlike other Horde members. They strive to preserve the balance of nature and only joined the Horde to solidify their friendship with the Orcs. Caught amid a battle, the Tauren would've been wiped out long ago if it weren't for the help they received from the Orcs. It goes to show that they are dependant on other Horde races to survive.

They have extra health, but, for professional players, additional damage is a more desirable bonus. An increase to the Herbalism skill is a nice perk, but it is unnecessary in critical World of Warcraft Classic moments. Pick the Tauren for a fun, enjoyable experience since they can be Druids, but not for the most powerful character.

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