'World Of Warcraft' Annual Pass Unveiled

World Of Warcraft Annual Pass

With Blizzcon well underway and new announcements cropping up all over the place, there is no shortage of reasons for gamers to jump into any one of Blizzard's rich universes. In addition to these big game-oriented announcements though, Blizzard has launched a system which aims to provide gamers with incentives to continue playing their existing games.

Dubbed the World Of Warcraft Annual Pass, gamers who are willing to commit to a 12-month subscription to the MMO behemoth will receive a few added rewards. For many gamers, the most exciting incentive for committing to this year-long subscription is the fact that you will receive a complimentary digital copy of Blizzard's upcoming action RPG, Diablo 3.

If that wasn't enough to make the commitment worth it though, Blizzard is sweetening the deal by including an exclusive mount for use in World Of Warcraft that is sure to make any gamer the envy of their server. Named Tyrael's Charger, this impressive armored horse sports a pair of spectral wings and will scale to a player's level, filling the role of ground mount or flying mount. While not available at the moment, it will be mailed to players in-game once the 4.3 patch launches.

Finally, if those incentives were not enough, players will also gain access to the beta testing for World Of Warcraft's next expansion, Mists Of Pandaria once it launches. After getting a look at the new Pandaren race and Monk class, it's no surprise that gamers will want to get their hands on this new expansion as soon as they possibly can in order to get a look at all of the new and inventive content.

Whether you're a veteran within the land of Azeroth or thinking about finally making the plunge, there really isn't a better time to enter into the World Of Warcraft. With exclusive content, a beta pass and a free copy of one of Blizzard's most anticipated titles, Blizzard is no doubt fighting to increase their declining subscriptions, but with this many added incentives, it's difficult to argue with the value.

With the final day of Blizzcon continuing to rage on, you can expect more surprises to appear before the day's end. Until then though, the newest Diablo 3 trailer and new StarCraft 2: Heart Of The Swarm unit details are sure to tide gamers over as they await the rumored announcement of Titan.

Is this enough to draw you back into the World Of Warcraft? Do you believe this could be a sign of even more quickly dwindling subscriptions?

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