World War Z Video Game Announced at The Game Awards

World War Z Video Game Announced at The Game Awards - World War Z logo

Over the years, The Game Awards has earned a reputation for surprising game reveals and announcements. This year, The Game Awards started the surprise reveals early with the announcement of a World War Z video game during the pre-show.

The World War Z video game trailer was light on details, but since it's being developed by TimeShift and Quake Champions studio Saber Interactive, it may be safe to assume that it's a first-person shooter. Based on the short snippets of gameplay seen in the trailer, it also appears to be a multiplayer title, but that's just speculation at this time.

Check out the World War Z trailer for yourself right here:

While there aren't many concrete details on the World War Z video game, there is one game that it resembles quite a bit. With its fast-running zombies and a group of survivors working together to fight them off, World War Z looks a lot like Valve's dormant Left 4 Dead franchise.

Since Left 4 Dead 3 has been rumored for years now, it's easy to see how some may have mistaken World War Z as an announcement for the long awaited game. Unfortunately for those holding out hope that Valve will finally learn how to count to three, however, it remains to be seen if Left 4 Dead 3 is even in active development at all.

Some may be disappointed that World War Z isn't Left 4 Dead 3, but it still looks like it may keep fans satisfied in the meantime. It looks to be providing a similar style of zombie slaying co-op gameplay, but again, concrete details on it remain scarce. Here's hoping more information comes sooner rather than later, as the World War Z video game looks like it has potential to fill the void currently being left by Left 4 Dead 3.

World War Z is in development for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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