World War Z Update Fixes Connectivity Issues, Lobo DLC Problems

world war z update fixes connectivity issues

World War Z launched just a couple of days ago, but the launch hasn't been the smoothest. While the game has had a better go of it than many other online titles on launch day, World War Z has still suffered from connectivity issues, a crashing bug, and some other problems. To its credit, Saber Interactive has been quick to act, releasing a patch that looks to address some of the problems with the game.

World War Z update 1.02 is now available to download for players on all platforms. The update fixes an issue where owners of the Lobo Bundle DLC were unable to access the bonus content, an issue that made it impossible for World War Z players in the US to connect to those in other regions, and connectivity problems in general. The World War Z crashing bug does not appear to be addressed in the latest patch, but it also doesn't seem to be all that widespread compared to the game's connectivity issues.

World War Z update patch notes:

  • Fixed an issue with Lobo Bundle DLC not available to certain users
  • Fixed an issue that prevented US players from playing with other regions
  • Fixed some of the connectivity issues

world war z how to make a private lobby and play with friends

Moving forward, fans can expect Saber Interactive to continue patching World War Z in an attempt to fix the game's various problems. Saber Interactive may also add more substantial content in future updates, like new missions. As it stands, World War Z has 11 missions spread out across four chapters, and while that may be enough for some players, others may already be hungry for some new content.

Granted, the World War Z game is designed to be replayable, so some may not be bothered by the relatively small number of missions. Inspired by Left 4 DeadWorld War Z's missions will sometimes see players encountering different types of enemies when they replay stages, and there are multiple difficulty levels for players to try as well.

Of course, Saber Interactive will need to establish a dedicate audience for World War Z before it can worry about adding new missions to the game. And while its rocky launch may have turned some players off, others will be encouraged to see Saber Interactive be quick to address World War Z's lingering technical issues.

World War is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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