World War Z Wants to Fill in Left 4 Dead Gap

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The distinct absence of Left 4 Dead 3 has left many fans of the co-op zombie survival franchise searching high and low for a suitable replacement to get their zombie-killing fix, and apparently World War Z developer Saber Interactive wants to help fans fill the void. Originally announced at the 2017 Game Awards, Saber’s upcoming zombie co-op shooter will let fans team up once again to battle waves and waves of ravenous zombies to hopefully help fans forget about how Valve has left them high and dry.

Based on the novel (and subsequent film of the same name by Paramount Pictures), World War Z is bringing a fresh new take on the co-op zombie survival genre, packed to the brim with hordes of zombies that will stop and nothing to get their meal. Saber Interactive has created an environment where players will face off with up to 500 zombies at a time and try to survive by using class abilities, environmental hazards, and traps. Thanks to Saber’s horde AI, these zombies will even begin piling up to create a wave that can climb over walls and other structures.

Saber Interactive is leaning into the inspiration from Left 4 Dead, telling fans that they will find some nice similarities between their game and the beloved Valve franchise. Unfortunately, since there is no Left 4 Dead 3 in sight, fans may just have to settle for World War Z – though that may not be a bad thing. It’s clear that Saber Interactive is pouring a lot of time and effort into the game to make sure it stands out among the very saturated zombie market. With three years of development time already under their belt, Saber is working hard to make sure this game lives up to the hype it’s receiving.

With World War Z slated to launch in 2019, it will have to go up against Sony and SIE Bend Studio’s new IP Days Gone, which also features massive dynamic zombie hordes. Despite receiving a delay in release date, many fans are still very exciting to see what Sony and SIE have coming in Days Gone, and it will be a tough title to compete against. Regardless, fans will have to wait and see which zombie game comes out on top when they launch in 2019.

World War Z launches in 2019 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: VentureBeat

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