World War Z: How to Use Stim Pistol

world war z how to use stim pistol

In the recently released co-op zombie shooter game World War Z, players have a number of characters to choose from, in addition to six different classes. One of the most important classes in the game is the healer class, known as the Medic in World War Z, and knowing how to use the Medic class properly is key to success on the higher difficulty levels.

An important tool the World War Z Medic has is the Stim Pistol. The Stim Pistol is equipment that can be used on teammates as well as the player, but the game doesn't do a great job at explaining what it does and how to use it properly. Not knowing how to use the Stim Pistol can make a Medic far less effective in World War Z, and so fans of the game should definitely take the time to learn how to use it.

Here is how to use the Stim Pistol in World War Z.

How to Use the Stim Pistol

As previously stated, the Stim Pistol can be used on both teammates and the player. To use the Stim Pistol on the player, simply tap the left bumper. When using the Stim Pistol on teammates in the Left 4 Dead-inspired World War Z, approach them and hold in the left bumper instead of tapping it. When playing on PC, the controls will largely depend on the configuration players have selected for themselves, but the default input for using the Stim Pistol in World War Z is the middle button on the mouse.

What Does the Stim Pistol Do

Some players seem to be confused about what exactly the Stim Pistol does in World War Z. It doesn't heal anyone, but rather it makes it so players don't take additional damage for a limited time. This can be useful for surviving when zombies manage to corner a player, and can be a useful tool to keep less-skilled teammates alive. Poor teammates may actually be a bigger threat to World War Z players than the zombies themselves, and thanks to the lack of private lobbies in World War Z, they may pop up quite a bit in the game.

Future updates like the World War Z hot fix that dropped recently could add private lobbies as well as change the way the Stim Pistol works. We imagine different skills and weapons will be re-balanced in the coming weeks as the community now has its hands on the game, so World War Z fans will have to stay tuned.

World War is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Game Revolution

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