World War Z: How to Make A Private Lobby and Play With Friends

world war z how to make a private lobby and play with friends

World War Z is out now, and while it has received somewhat mixed reviews, the game still seems to have developed a following by those hungry for more Left 4 Dead-style experiences. Saber Interactive hasn't been shy about World War Z's Left 4 Dead inspirations, with the game being a co-op zombie shooter with very similar gameplay mechanics and features. Like Left 4 DeadWorld War Z features four survivors in each mission as they work together to fight off zombies and try to survive the apocalypse, with those roles being filled by bots or humans.

Some World War Z players may want to play the game with just one friend and some bots, or two friends and one bot, with no interest in having random players join the squad. After all, with the game having friendly fire, World War Z players may not want to deal with griefers and the like that may ruin their games.

Unfortunately for those who want to know how to make a private lobby in World War Z to avoid griefers or because they just want to play with friends, we have some bad news.

Can You Make A Private Lobby in World War Z?

world war z how to use stim pistol

At launch, it is not possible to make a private lobby in World War Z. This means that whenever World War Z players boot up one of the game's 11 missions online, a matchmaking process will automatically be started. So at the time of this writing, World War Z players without a full squad will be forced to play with random players online, and in rare cases, bots.

This is unfortunate news for any World War Z players who want to make a private lobby in the game, but it's possible Saber Interactive will add private lobbies in a future update. After all, private lobbies are a fairly standard feature for online shooters, and there is community demand for them.

Plus, Saber Interactive has already shown a willingness to support the game. The studio released an update for World War Z just a couple of days after the game's launch to address some technical problems, so it clearly wants to make the experience better for players.

Whether or not private lobbies come to World War Z at some point in the future remains to be seen, but as long as there is enough fan demand, it seems like a safe bet. In the meantime, World War Z players will just have to tough it out with randoms and bots.

World War is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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