World War Z: How Many Missions Are in the Game?

world war z: how many missions are in the game?

World War Z, the Left 4 Dead-inspired co-op zombie shooter from Saber Interactive, is available now. Even though the World War Z game has a budget price ($40 on console and $35 on PC), some may still be wondering if there is enough content to justify buying the game. While that's somewhat subjective, we can confirm how many missions are in World War Z to perhaps better help people make up their minds about picking up the game or not.

There are a total of 11 missions in World War Z. These missions are spread out across four different chapters, with three missions in the first three chapters and two missions in the final chapter. Each chapter takes place in a different location in the world and is named for wherever it takes place.

Here are the four different chapters (or "episodes") in the World War Z game:

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  • New York
  • Jerusalem
  • Moscow
  • Tokyo

As previously stated, the first three chapters in the game each have three missions. So New York, Jersualem, and Moscow have three missions for World War Z players to complete, whereas Tokyo only has two missions for players to complete. Like the Left 4 Dead games that inspired it, the World War Z missions are tied together by fairly thin plot threads, so players are free to jump around if they so desire, and in fact, should be able to access all of the missions in the game right off the bat.

In the meantime, if the World War Z game is able to secure an audience, it's likely that more missions will be added to the game as DLC. Right now the game is getting a mix of positive and negative reviews, which could impact its potential audience. World War Z has also suffered from a crashing bug and some server issues, which may also keep the game from maintaining an audience long-term and ruin its DLC plans.

However, it's far too early to call at this point whether or not World War Z will be a success. But if it is, World War Z fans can expect the game to get new missions and other content in the future.

World War Z is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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