World War Z Game on PS4 Gets Patch Fixing Major Bugs


Not too long ago, the video game developer Saber Interactive announced that it would eventually be giving its World War Z game DLC in the form of a new mission and monster later on this year across the third-person shooter's supported platforms of PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Prior to the arrival of the add-ons, though, the studio is currently working on tackling some of the most pressing issues presently in the game, with WWZ's PS4 version having recently received a patch that fixes some of the most urgent problems.

Labeled Patch 1.0.3, World War Z players on PlayStation 4 who apply the update should see a fix for an issue related to save file corruptions, rectification of an issue with save backups restoring saves with zero progression, as well as fixes for myriad gameplay bugs that caused inability to progress in levels. On top of these fixes, the PS4 version has also gotten fixes for a large number of World War Z's connectivity issues, with the update having also addressed problems related to a bunch of gameplay crashes.

According to World War Z publisher Focus Home Interactive, Patch 1.0.3 has gone live first for PlayStation 4 due to there being slightly different procedures between platforms when certifying patches. With this being the case, the updates for each of WWZ's supported platforms are going to be ready at different times, with the updates for the game's Xbox One and PC versions set to  arrive "soon".

While it's good to see Saber Interactive hard at work delivering some much-needed fixes for World War Z, there are some players hoping that the studio will be bringing even more features to the third-person co-op shooter, too. For instance, many within the community have been asking for the ability to make a private lobby in World War Z, so perhaps the developer will make that a priority at some point in the future.


All things considered, with a lot of the more glaring issues having been seemingly patched out in World War Z's PlayStation 4 version, one can only hope that Xbox One and PC players won't have to wait too much longer to see these changes enabled on their platforms. For those who are on the fence about picking up the title, they would do well to read our World War Z review and find out if it will fit their gameplay needs.

World War Z Update 1.0.3 PS4 Patch Notes


  • Fixed an issue that caused save file corruption.
  • Fixed an issue with save backups restoring saves with 0 progression.
  • Fixed a large number of connectivity, matchmaking and party system issues.
  • Fixed a large number of gameplay crashes.
  • Fixed a large number of gameplay bugs that caused inability to progress in levels.


  • You will now only gain XP toward weapon upgrades if you have purchased the prior upgrade for that weapon, i.e. level two must be purchased to be able to gain XP toward level 3.
  • Fixed an issue that caused excessive aim assist in PvPvZ.
  • Reduced Compact Shotgun damage in PvPvZ.
  • Increased cooldown of “Please Stand Up” perk to 60 seconds.
  • Marking items will now display its icon for your teammates.
  • Reduced AI bots effectiveness especially on easy and normal difficulties.
  • Increased objective timer to save friendly NPCs to 60 seconds on easy and normal difficulties.


  • Minor fixes in UI and localization.


  • Fixed an issue with “Strong immunity”, “High caution” and “The most effective way” trophies, which caused the goals to fail if you have failed them once during one game session.
  • Fixed an issue with the “Sport kills” trophy, which was harder than intended to get.

World War Z is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Focus Home Interactive

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