World of Warcraft's Duskwood in Unreal Engine Feels Foreboding

World of Warcraft Duskwood Unreal Engine

A World of Warcraft fan makes a stunning recreation of Duskwood within Unreal Engine 4, resulting in a truly cryptic locale perfect for the nostalgic MMO fan.

Gamers are eagerly anticipating the next expansion for World of Warcraft, entitled Legion, which is slated to arrive this fall. Although it's clear that plenty of content is due to come by looking ahead, one fan of the game decided to look back, and recreated a longstanding location from World of Warcraft within Unreal Engine 4.

The location in question is Duskwood, and it should be familiar to those who claim to fight the evils of the Horde, as it contains human settlements - among other things. The cursed land of Duskwood is cryptic enough within World of Warcraft, but after being given the Unreal Engine 4 treatment, it really becomes something else. The creator took a moment to clarify that his recreation isn't a statement that the current game looks 'bad', and makes it clear that this was just a hobby project.

Take a gander at the video below, which was produced by Daniel L:


Duskwood is a cryptic familiar to anyone sworn to the Aliiance, and is located between other friendly-sounding locations like Deadwind Pass and Northern Stranglethorn. The town is surrounded by dangerous enemies, and are protected only by a local militia called the Night Watch (no, not the Night's Watch).

The fact that Daniel L incorporated the actual Duskwood music into the video is a plus, and we can only hope Blizzard doesn't take the video down. The studio is already in the midst of plenty of WoW-based drama after the company shut down Nostralius, a longstanding vanilla World of Warcraft server. Fans had protested the decision and were able to build up over 200,000 signatures via a signed petition, but it wasn't enough to save the much beloved server. Now, the Nostralius team is meeting up with officials from Blizzard, leaving some hopeful that a compromise may yet still be possible for fans of Nastralius.

World of Warcraft isn't the only title to get the Unreal Engine treatment of late, as creative fans have also recently recreated a level from BioShock and reproduced The Legend of Zelda's Gerudo Valley in the last two weeks. It's great fun to check out nostalgic in-game locations with updated graphical renders, and we can't wait to see what fans cook up next.

The above video is just an early build from Daniel L, which means it'll only get better from here.

What do you think about the World of Warcraft's Duskwood recreated with Unreal Engine 4, Ranters?

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