World of Warcraft: Tomb of Sargeras Patch Introduces New PvP Brawls

world of warcraft legion tomb of sargeras patch notes

Today, Blizzard Entertainment released the notes for a hefty new World of Warcraft patch: the Tomb of Sargeras update. One of the largest updates the online MMO title has seen to date, patch 7.2 brings with it a sizable amount of improvements, ability swaps, and fresh approaches to traditional gameplay modes. Most notably, the World of Warcraft Tomb of Sargeras patch features new player-versus-player brawls, a never-before-seen dungeon, and a handful of vengeful enemies.

As the game's Legion expansion heats up, so do its heroes in their quest to defeat the demons that are ravaging Azeroth. Patch 7.2 takes players to the Broken Shore, the epicenter of the devastation that catalyzed Legion itself, to begin their battle. Along the way, they'll find new bosses, treasures, World Quests, and even a demon command ship called the Sentinax. World of Warcraft gamers will band together in a "region-wide, cross-faction effort" to defend themselves from the antagonists.

world of warcraft tomb of sargeras patch pvp brawls

The Tomb of Sargeras also introduces a pivotal new dungeon: the Cathedral of Eternal Night, the site that will "host a battle that could turn the tide of the invasion." Inside, players will go head-to-head against four new opponents, available at Heroic, Mythic, and Mythic Keystone difficulties. Squaring up with these demon foes sounds pretty intense, and may even prove to be Legion's most epic boss fights.

There's Agronox, an Ancient who once served in the Temple of Elune but unfortunately "absorbed fel energy through his roots," who dishes out destruction. Thrashbite the Scornful, Smashspite's "detestable [and] dimwitted" brother, focuses his energy on wiping out "the mortals entering the cathedral's grand library." Domatrax aims to destroy the Aegis of Aggramar, and Mephistroth simply wishes to watch the heroes fail in reclaiming the relic.

In terms of class campaigns, players will set base at their respective Class Hall to venture on a new quest chain. As they trek, they'll "find a new potential Follower" and may even uncover "class-specific World Quests." Following successful completion of both class and Legionfall campaigns on the Broken Shore, gamers can snag brand-new epic class mounts so long as they also complete the appropriate class mount quests that come shortly after.

And here comes a standout element of the Tomb of Sargeras: the all-new player-versus-player brawls. Blizzard's patch notes describe them as "a series of new twists" on the popular activities players have become accustomed to, and will include three brawls to begin with. "Southshore vs. Tarren Mill," "Gravity Lapse," and "Warsong Scramble" will offer World of Warcraft fans a slew of new mode, rules, and scenic updates that refresh the business-as-normal play in Battleground.

Many developers have thought about bringing this type of mode to their titles, with The Pokemon Company at one time considering a Pokemon GO PvP mode, so it's certainly exciting to see World of Warcraft add a new angle to the classic player-versus-player in its Tomb of Sargeras patch.

Additional updates include boosts to character empowerment, as players can unlock new levels of Artifact knowledge; class combat tweaks to professions like Archaeology, which Artifact Power can now be gained from, and Leatherworking and Tailoring, which gain new craftable Legendary items; fine-tuned tab targeting that eliminates misfires; and a laundry list of class, items, and dungeon alterations sure to have players smiling. World of Warcraft gamers can find the full patch notes on the game's official forum.

Patch 7.2, The Tomb of Sargeras, is undoubtedly a massive addition to the (fittingly) massively multiplayer title so many know and love. With new modes to try out (perhaps inspired by Blizzard's Hearthstone card game), the chance to deliver just desserts for the Horde and the Alliance, boss battles to blaze through, and an opportunity to rid their beloved Azeroth of evil, the Tomb of Sargeras seems quite the impressive update to World of Warcraft. Fans can rest assured that they'll get their hands on the update tomorrow, March 28, and will almost certainly be immersed in it the minute they do.

Source: World of Warcraft - Official Forum

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