Watch: World of Warcraft Players Pull Off Crazy Hole In One Jump


World of Warcraft may not be a game known for its platforming mechanics, but that doesn't mean the players aren't still up to the challenge when it arises. The Legion expansion Kirin Tor quests require lots of platforming skills (which can be very frustrating) and when players run out of those, they can always come up with their own challenges. The latest World of Warcraft player created challenge involves making a 'super hole in one' leap off of one of the highest buildings in Dalaran.

The challenge involves making a leap off of one of the highest points in Dalaran and landing precisely in the open well that leads down to the Dalaran Underbelly. It's a very small landing point and being just a little bit off target will lead to the player going splat on the streets of Dalaran.

The player who posted one of the first videos claims that it took them less than 15 tries to stick the landing before getting it just right. There's no special achievement or reward for pulling off the insane stunt, but it definitely earns some bragging rights (and a lot of Reddit Karma).

Here's a look at one of the players that kicked off the trend and got everyone else to try...

Here's another player who brought the Monk class roll into the routine and kept the recording going long enough to show that he or she was still alive after landing safely in the sewers...

Most people may picture repeatable daily quests and organized dungeon raids when they think of the end game in World of Warcraft, because it's easy to forget that the game is an enormous world filled with endless ways for players to spend their time. Sure, grinding Mythic+ dungeons for the best gear is how most level 110 players spend all of their in-game hours, but there's nothing stopping them from coming up with their own super hole in one challenge.

What do you think of the super hole in one jumps? Could you pull it off and still be alive when you land in the sewers? Let us know in the comments.

World of Warcraft: Legion is available now on PC and Mac.

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