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World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth Expansion Announced

New expansions are always a joyous time in the World of Warcraft community. With it comes a host of new zones, Dungeons, and Raids, which in turn means hours of brand new things to do across all of Azeroth. It also means that players have an additional 10 levels to grind their way through during their quest to defeat the opposing faction.

However, this grind can be daunting for newcomers and time-pressed people who either don't have the time or experience to completely or effectively dedicate themselves to powering up their characters, especially with all the ways players can distract themselves. Luckily, there are a ton of different methods and tips to make this a more efficient process. Plus, purchasing Battle For Azeroth also grants players a character boost to level 110, so they'll be able to hop into the new expansion's content straight away.


While it may seem obvious, questing is the fastest way to generate experience and level up your character, if you go about it the right way. It's important to gather as many quests as possible in a single area, rather than tackling them one at a time. That way, players will be actively completing multiple objectives at the same time. For Battle for Azeroth in particular, it's recommended that players transfer to the zone opposite to what they began in as early as possible, so for players beginning in Kul'Tiras, its advisable transfer to Zandalar as soon as possible and vice versa. Quests in the opposite zone tend to payout out more experience for similar objectives, which should rocket the experience bar to end zone much faster. The option to transfer is unlocked very early in the leveling process from the war table, so there won't be long to wait, either.

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One thing both veterans and new players alike tend to forget is to utilize, or even choose, their Professions. For those unfamiliar, the Profession system essentially allows players to pick two sperate careers that center around resource gathering or crafting. For new players, it's recommended to take Mining and Herbalism. Both options grant players a generous amount of experience for every node collected, and herbs, in particular, are abundant throughout the world. Professions are also a great way to earn some additional gold at the auction house where players buy and sell various resources and pieces of equipment.

World Bosses

World bosses are exactly what they sound like, bosses found out in the world. Each boss is conveniently marked on the map by a golden star, which should make them easier to spot while out adventuring. Many bosses also have quests associated with them located on notice boards spread around each zone, granting even more experience and gold for the bosses' defeat. Players will happen along the bosses naturally, though some can prove to be quite the challenge. For the more difficult encounters, asking for help in zone chat usually turns up a trove of helpful players. Contrary to popular belief, World of Warcraft is a very social game, so asking for help and forming groups is a great way to enhance the overall experience and level faster. Keep in mind, some classes will also have better damage output than others, so it's important to keep track of DPS rankings  if you really want to be effective against different bosses.

War Mode

War Mode is a new option introduced in Battle For Azeroth that replaces traditional PVP, which used to be determined by which server players opted to play on. Now, however, players have the option of whether or not they choose to partake in PVP through War Mode, which also grants an additional 10% experience gained while leveling, as well as enabling your PVP talents while out in the world. It isn't a massive bump but the additional experience and extra talents are both major perks. As of this writing, it's pretty rare to encounter members of the opposite faction, meaning even players who don't want the nuisance of fighting other players should consider enabling the mode to earn the bonuses.


What Next?

Many people may believe that the leveling process ends upon reaching 120, but, World of Warcraft has a second mechanic that is equally, if not more, important than the base leveling system. There are also item levels, which are essentially the power measurement of a character's gear and works fundamentally the same as it does in games like Destiny 2. Each piece of gear is assigned an item level when it drops, though certain pieces can be upgraded. The goal is to be item level 300 by the time the first Raid of the expansion, Uldir, releases on September 4th.

After reaching level 120, which one player managed to do in just 4 hours,  and acquiring the required item level for the raid, players may want to consider leveling yet another character. The overarching story for the two factions will be pretty much the same but experienced from two unique perspectives, which makes the added effort worth it for players who want the whole story. There's also a massive backlog of content to explore with unique gear sets and mounts you can unlock by running old Dungeons and Raids for those that want some additional, spicier-looking gear.

By utilizing all of these methods, players should be able to level from 110 to 120 after about 15-20 hours. As players become more accustomed to the world, they'll begin to uncover even more methods of leveling up, some of which they may enjoy far more than others. Pursuing those methods with a group of friends will be the best way to keep interested and engaged throughout the entire journey.

World Of Warcraft: Battle For Azeroth available now on PC.

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