World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth is just under a month away, but the game’s servers are already preparing for the big expansion. The upcoming pre-expansion patch drops a huge batch of new assets into the game that bring tons of models into the modern era. It’s not WoW 2 or anything quite that dramatic, but this might be as close as fans could get to that sort of major update.

The pre-patch World of Warcraft update gives a fresh coat of paint to a laundry list of the game’s assets. From prairie dogs to elementals to human children; just about every outdated asset is getting updated in this update. Well, not Goblins or Worgen obviously, but players already knew that.

Here are a few if the new assets, but fans can check out all of them right here



Although World of Warcraft still doesn’t look like a current-gen game, these kinds of gradual updates do go a long way to making the world feel a little more modern. Some classic players may miss the bland, old school horse or frog assets; but these changes are very exciting for most players.

The community is still a bit angry that Worgen and Goblins have been left in the past, but hopefully Blizzard has some intention of revisiting those races in the near future. Fingers crossed…

Battle for Azeroth releases in just a few weeks, so be sure to check back for more updates or guides when the expansion launches.

World of Warcraft is available now on PC, with the Battle for Azeroth expansion launching August 14.

Source: WoWhead