World of Warcraft is a title with a sustaining longevity few other games can compare to. Now over 13 years old, Blizzard’s hit MMO has been witness to jokes as classic as Leeroy Jenkins to the inclusion of an in-game “Left Shark” following Katy Perry’s Super Bowl performance three years ago. Now, however, one fan has made a World of Warcraft modification that comes as a total surprise, with the surprise being that nobody had done it yet.

The fan inserted the infamous “wow” soundbite from Owen Wilson, who routinely uses his unofficial catchphrase in many of his roles. Instead of a particular character saying it, however, Owen Wilson’s infamous word replaced most of the sounds from the entire game. Fans have taken the liberty of inserting his verbal “wow” into many different mediums and scenarios, but it’s hard to imagine one more appropriate than this.

Interested gamers can wow themselves with the video below:

World of Warcraft is commonly referred to as “WoW” by many gamers, making Blizzard’s MMO and Owen Wilson’s frequented word a perfect match. We haven’t seen such dedication to an actor’s noises since Tim Allen replaced every sound in DOOM, although this one seems much less horrifying.

The bravest of gamers can head over here to download the modification, though if one has roommates or family members nearby, headphones are probably a good idea.

World of Warcraft is due to get a classic vanilla server in the near future, a move which is sure to please nostalgic players. The classic edition will strip away the expansions that came to the title after its release, allowing fans to experience exactly what the game was like when it came out in 2004 – just a year after one of the first viral Owen Wilson wow supercuts. Suffice to say, the above video has been a long time coming.

World of Warcraft is available now now on PC.