World of Warcraft Players Find New Mounts in Game File

world of warcraft battle for azeroth

Some mounts that will be featured in the newest World of Warcraft expansion, Battle for Azeroth, have been found thanks to some datamining by die-hard World of Warcraft fans. These mounts have not been officially revealed by Blizzard yet, but fans get to see a sneak preview of the mounts that will likely appear in the highly anticipated expansion.

The images tease two new flying mounts and four new terrestrial mounts so far, including a parrot mount, a giant toad mount, and even a crocodile mount. Blizzard is yet to confirm how players will be able to obtain these mounts and whether there will be a wider selection of mounts available in addition to the Seabird Stallion mount for the Alliance and the Gilded Rasavor mount for the Horde that players get with the Digital Deluxe edition of the game after the expansion's release.

For now though, here are images of the six new Battle for Azeroth mounts:

crocodile mount wow
dinosaur mount wow
mount wow

For devoted World of Warcraft players, mounts and pets are highly sought-after collectibles and these Battle for Azeroth mounts are sure to get players farming once more to add them to their prestigious mount and pet collections. For fans that like to collect mounts and play other Blizzard games too, Heroes of the Storm has a promotion that gives players the Primal Flamesaber mount to use in Blizzard's MOBA

Battle for Azeroth will be released on September 21st of this year according to the Blizzard website, and fans should be looking forward not only to new mounts, but also new races, new emotes and prays, smarter leveling, new pets, and a variety of new areas to explore. The game also comes with a level 110 character boost, so players can jump right to the new content in Azeroth to search for these impressive new mounts.

World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth will be available on PC and Mac.

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