Sneak Peek at the 'World of Warcraft' Moonkin Hatchling and Lil' Ragnaros Pets

World of Warcraft - Adorable Moonkin Hatchling Pets

Blizzard has now provided definitive evidence that the Moonkin Hatchling will undoubtedly be the most popular pet available for purchase in World of Warcraft. The images Blizzard has provided clearly portray the tiny birds as the most adorable little beasts in existence. The added fact that 50% of each purchase (assumed to be $10, similar to last year's Pandaren Monk) will be donated to the Make-A-Wish Foundation makes this a difficult purchase to ignore. Expect the Moonkin Hatchling and also the not so cute pet Lil' Ragnaros to be released later this month, likely before Black Friday and the Thanksgiving Weekend.

This is the first look gamers have gotten at the little Boomkins, and it's no understatement to say that the reception has been very positive so far. The image above and the three provided in the gallery below were shared on, and the post has already acquired over 350 comments ranging from: "OMG Cute :3", "Mini-Boomkin is credit to team!" to "i don't buy pets because i am hardcore but this is for charity so maybe i guess." It's nice to know that even in the wake of the forthcoming Cataclysm, the hardcore can go out of their way to purchase an adorable bird companion for charity.

Sadly, it appears as if each of the Moonkin Hatchlings will be faction specific, but there is quite the outcry that both versions of the pet be made available for purchase to all. Blizzard should hardly have a reason to keep the companions faction specific, after all the pets are for charity and twice the pets means twice the donation.

Poor poor Lil' Ragnaros, though. The boss that used to be the bane of every World of Warcraft raider's existence was slowly forgotten, and has now taken the back seat to two adorable bird monsters. He shouldn't feel too bad though, because those bird monsters are ridiculously cute. Nothing can really compete with that.

Interested in picking up one of these Moonkin Hatchling pets when they become available, Ranters? Would you be willing to pay for a non-gameplay-altering animal pet? Isn't this World of Warcraft bird monster beyond cute?

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