With the release of the Legion expansion, World of Warcraft players now cap out at level 110. The traditional way to power through the ten new levels is by questing through the new zones and dungeons on the Broken Isles. For players who don’t feel like doing those quests a second time for an alt, there is another way to ding 110 now.

World of Warcraft players have recently started taking to Reddit to discuss the ability to level from 100 to 110 using only the Legion┬ácompanion mobile app. This takes some resource grinding on a character that is already 110, but it is a solid strategy for anyone who doesn’t feel like going through all of the Broken Isles quests a second or third time.

Here is how to do it…

1.) Get your alt to level 100 and proceed through the order hall campaign long enough to unlock two followers.

2.) Farm Blood of Sargeras on your main character by questing, completing order hall missions, or dungeoning.

3.) Visit the Blood of Sargeras vendor and start trading Blood for Order Resource Cache. The exchange rate is 1 Blood for 200 Order Resources.

4.) Send all of the Order Resource Cache items to the alt you plan to level via the app. Some reports say the full leveling will take about 10k Order Resources.

5.) Log on to your alt and claim the Order Resources from your mail.

6.) Log in to the app and start completing missions. It is very important to complete all of the available missions, even the ones that don’t reward bonus player experience. Completing the non XP missions will make them disappear and increase the chance that they are replaced with XP missions.

This process takes most people a few weeks and is definitely slower than leveling the traditional way, but it also doesn’t require any in-game hours to be spent on the alt until they hit 110. As you might expect, the level 110 alt will be grossly undergeared when they try to start questing, so visit a vendor and buy some weak level 110 gear to get them started. That cheap gear will quickly be replaced by World Quest gear once they unlock the Broken Shore and get started.

Good luck!

What do you think of this strategy for leveling to 110? Is it worth giving up the resources? Let us know in the comments.

World of Warcraft is available now for PC and Mac.