World of Warcraft: Legion 'The Fate of Azeroth' Trailer

World of Warcraft: Legion's Fate of Azeroth Trailer

With World of Warcraft's Legion expansion releasing, Blizzard releases one final trailer entitled 'The Fate of Azeroth' to help build up hype for the launch.

World of Warcraft's Legion expansion is officially released -- in Europe. North American players still have several hours to go until Dalaran makes the trip to the Broken Isles and the Legion invades in full. In the meantime, players are likely stocking up on snacks and energy drinks, or maybe leveling one more alt to 100 through invasions. Blizzard understands the pain of waiting, luckily, and has released one more trailer to celebrate the launch. Viewers should be careful though, as there are some light spoilers therein.

'The Fate of Azeroth' isn't one of Blizzard's unbelievably gorgeous full CG cinematic trailers, unfortunately, but it is made up of the in-game cinematics that fill Legion, as well as pre-Legion cinematics. The focus is on the Broken Shore questline from the past three weeks, the Demon Hunter starting area, and Illidan's fall in the Burning Crusade.

Spread throughout the trailer are brief cuts of cinematics which are played throughout the Legion leveling experience. Without spoiling too much, there are a few friendly faces that might surprise some people. Ysera, the green dragon aspect, looks to be in a very rough spot. Azshara even makes an appearance, looking much healthier than in recent years. And of course both Sylvanas and Genn Greymane seem like they have a lot to talk about.


While the short spoilers in the trailer should definitely get more excitable World of Warcraft fans a little more excited for launch, the bulk of the trailer is material most players have probably seen plenty of already. That said, for those who burned through the Broken Shore quests and skipped over a lot of the lore outside of the game Blizzard has been releasing, this is a great quick reintroduction.

In all honesty, as nice as Blizzard is for releasing a sizzle trailer to help make the wait to Legion a little easier to bear, who in Warcraft is watching it? The hardcore players are all getting their sleep in now for a long day of leveling come midnight. The extra hardcore are farming and making sure everything's already in its right place come Legion. The experienced casual players know launch is probably going to be a server nightmare and will be going to bed at a normal time with inexperienced casual players -- who will remember to pick up Legion sometime next week. So who is this trailer for?

World of Warcraft's sixth expansion, Legion, launches tonight at midnight Pacific Time exclusively on PC.

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