Here's When You Can Play World of Warcraft Legion Around the World

World of Warcraft's Legion Continues Illidan's Plans from Burning Crusade

World of Warcaft: Legion launches on August 30 around the world and this is when the new content will be live on servers in each region.

After about a year of waiting since the announcement, World of Warcraft: Legion is almost ready to launch. The MMO's sixth expansion arrives over ten year's after the game's initial launch and is still brining new and exciting features to the classic franchise. Players who are wondering when to login to World of Warcraft tonight or tomorrow morning can now get a better idea of when the game officially goes live in their region.

World of Warcraft: Legion's actual release date in North America is August 30, but the actual launch times differ based on the time zone.

Some of the expansion's biggest features have been worked into the game already in recent patches and pre-order customers were able to download the content already. Even with that all out of the way, the giant influx of active players is sure to cause some problems (just look at the recent Pokemon GO launch for example...).

Here is when Legion's content will become available for players:

  • UK: 11:00pm (August 29)
  • CET: midnight
  • US West: midnight
  • US Mountain: 1:00am
  • US Central: 2:00am
  • US East: 3:00am
  • Sydney: 5:00pm
World of Warcraft Legion Banner

As this story is being written, there are just over eight hours until UK players are exploring the world of Legion, while west coast US players have about 17 hours to go. Demon Hunter early access is already available, so players who wish to start leveling up the new hero class early can jump in and get to work, as long as they have already pre-purchased the expansion.

In addition to the Demon Hunter class, Legion brings a new level cap of 110, a new zone in Azeroth, 10 new dungeons and two new raids, artifact weapons, class halls, and lots more. Although subscribers aren't as high as they were at the game's peak, there is still a very healthy player base willing pay the game's monthly subscription fee to fight the ongoing battle between Horde and Alliance. The lukewarm reaction to this summer's Warcraft movie (despite a strong showing overseas) likely means that the Hollywood project won't draw in too many new players, but the game's consistently high quality content should bring back plenty of lapsed subscribers (at least temporarily).

Have you pre-purchased World of Warcraft: Legion yet? Will you be playing the game when it launches in your region? Let us know in the comments.

World of Warcraft: Legion launches of August 30 for PC.

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