New World of Warcraft: Legion Level Cap Has Already Been Reached

The new level cap for Blizzard's latest expansion, World of Warcraft: Legion, was reached by a player in less than six hour after its launch yesterday.

Despite some trials to overcome during World of Warcraft's new expansion launch last night – with latency slowing down a large chunk of the populace – one player forged through the chaos to reach the game's new level cap of 110 in a surprisingly short amount of time. DDoS attacks be damned.

The person to achieve this would have to be dedicated, strategic, and most of all have plenty of free time. This honor goes to Twitch streamer Fragnance who, with help from a friend, managed to reach the new level cap in an impressive five hours and 28 minutes. It isn't clear which of the launch times he began at.

Fragnance started out as one of the new demon hunter classes, which starts at level 98, and worked his way up to level 110 as quickly as he could. He claims he was able to perform this epic feat due to the large amount of time he spent on the game's beta, learning the quickest ways to finished quests and the fastest routes in which to find them. With this knowledge, he was able to reach the level cap on the same day as the expansion's launch, which deserves some kudos.

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Since the expansion is in its second day, there are surely a few that have reached cap by now. The rest are still catching up, stopping to smell the foxflowers and occasionally taking in all the gorgeous views the new content has to offer. Anyone who hasn't started their adventure and is thinking about it should check out our guide on how to get the ball rolling toward level 110 for themselves.

But leveling isn't the only goal in World of Warcraft: Legion. There is plenty of story to experience, great looking gear to collect, and epic quests to undertake. There are also many secrets sprinkled liberally throughout the game's world for players to discover – some that might seem oddly familiar.

Power leveling isn't everyone's cup of tea, but everyone wants to reach the endgame content eventually. Blizzard has been excellent at dolling out sufficient experience to even the most casual of players, providing a smooth, relaxed adventure without pressure. Just playing the content yields results, so simply enjoying the experience is paramount.

World of Warcraft: Legion is out now for PC and Mac.

Source: VG247

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