World of Warcraft: Legion Expansion Has Destiny Easter Egg

World of Warcraft's Legion Continues Illidan's Plans from Burning Crusade

Reddit user Merkwerk reveals that the upcoming World of Warcraft: Legion features a particular hooded vendor that longtime Destiny players will be very familiar with.

The behemoth that is World of Warcraft is slowly nearing its 12th anniversary and to celebrate, a brand new expansion called Legion arrives later this month. Longtime antagonist Illidan Stormrage, not seen since the Burning Crusade expansion, returns to the world rumored to this time joining the players quest rather than serving as an obstacle to be overcome. While Legion is set to add a lot of new content such as the Demon Hunter class, it seems that Blizzard has looked to Bungie for inspiration regarding one of the new vendors coming to the game.

With the mysterious and magical city of Dalaran now serving as the capital city of the new Broken Isles area, players may come across a strange new hooded vendor known as Xur'ios, who sells rare items. Unlike the Xur that Destiny players seem to have a love/hate relationship with once he arrives on Friday every week, Warcraft fans can visit Xur'ios at any time, as he does feature fixed stock items as well as one inventory slot that changes each day.


The following items are fixed and can be purchased at any time:

  • Recipe: Leather Love Seat - Cost: 1 Curious Coin
  • Schematic: Mecha-Bond Imprint Matrix - Cost: 1 Curious Coin
  • Recipe: Flamespike - Cost: 1 Curious Coin
  • Formula: Soul Fibril - Cost: 1 Curious Coin
  • Technique: Straszan Mark - Cost: 1 Curious Coin

The following items make up the last inventory slot, which is randomly chosen each day. Players looking for a specific item will therefore need to check back every day:

  • Arcadian War Turtle - Cost: 150 Curious Coins
  • Boon of the Nether - Cost: 50 Curious Coins
  • Krota's Shield - Cost: 50 Curious Coins
  • Ingram's Puzzle - Cost: 50 Curious Coins
  • Gjallar's "Horn" - Cost: 50 Curious Coins
  • Mote of Light - Cost: ?
  • Dreamweavers Vendor List - Cost: 100g
  • Court of Farondis Vendor List - Cost: 100g
  • Highmountain Tribes Vendor List - Cost: 100g
  • Wardens Vendor List - Cost: 100g
  • Nightfallen Vendor List - Cost: 100g
  • Valarjar Vendor List - Cost: 100g

Longtime Destiny players should recognize some interesting names in that list including Krota's Shield, Ingram's Puzzle, a Mote of Light, a "Nightfallen" Vendor list, and the most obvious nod on that list, Gjallar's "Horn" which launches a rocket that does 5x fire damage to enemies, similar to the familiar and now nerfed wolfpack rounds that originally made the Gjallarhorn rocket launcher iconic.

The references do not stop there, as players will need to come across currency called curious coins in order to purchase any of these items. Just like strange coins in Destiny, World of Warcraft players will need to farm curious coins as well either by completing the daily emissary quests, finding them in treasure chests, taking down heroic or mythic level bosses, and potentially finding them in rare spawns as well.

What do you think of the obvious Destiny references? Will you be grinding for curious coins once Legion arrives later this month? Let us know your plans in the comments below.

World of Warcraft: Legion launches on August 30, 2016 for PC.

Source: Reddit user Merkwerk

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