World of Warcraft: How To Summon Nightbane In Return to Karazhan and Earn Rare Mount


World of Warcraft's latest patch adds another hidden boss, Nightbane, and this is how players can summon the beast and take it down to gain control of a new rare mount.

World of Warcraft's latest expansion, Legion, is only a few months old, but there's already a giant patch that is adding a done of new content to tackle at level 110. Patch 7.1, Return to Karazhan, introduced new story lines, dungeons, and lots of new bosses to tackle. Thanks to some very speedy World of Warcraft raiders, one of the hidden bosses has already been discovered.

WoW raider ZosynPriest and crew discovered that the key to summoning the ninth boss in Return to Karazhan is a speed run (like we've seen some other WoW raiders pull off) through the other bosses. Nightbane is one of the secret bosses that Blizzard kept quiet about before the patch launched and the monster's loot includes iLVL 875 items and a unique Smoldering Ember Wyrm mount that makes the kill well worth the effort.

ZosynPriest was kind enough to share the group's strategy with wowhead and the rest of the community. Here is the breakdown of what it takes to summon Nightbane and earn that Smoldering Ember Wyrm for your own mount collection...

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  • After zoning into Karazhan and opening the first door, players are greeted by the following emote, "The strange chill of a dark presence winds through the air." As soon as those lines are spoken, the timer is officially running.
  • The group then needs to hustle to Opera, kill Opera, and click the first Soul Fragment. That Soul Fragment needs to be clicked within 8 minutes from the time the "Strange chill" emote was spoken.
  • After that first Soul Fragment, each additional Soul Fragment clicked will add a little bit of extra time to the group's limit. There isn't much cushion though, so don't slow down.
  • If at any time the group hears an emote that says, "The air grows slightly warmer," then they've run out of time. Better luck next try.
  • After the first crystal players will gain the Medivh's Echo buff with a six minute duration. This buff acts as the timer going forward. As players click crystals, it will add a stacking buff and five minutes to the time left on the buff.
  • Here is where to find each of the Soul Fragments: 1 in the audience from Opera, 1 before Maiden (the group doesn't need to kill her), 1 after killing Moroes, 1 in the Spider Room (then players click the portal to the stairway), and 1 after the Curator kill.
  • If players click all the Soul Fragment within the allotted time, after Curator, the group can run back to Nightbane's room and Medivh will be waiting there to summon Nightbane.
  • Speaking to Medivh will award players with the One Night in Karazhan achievement.
  • After all crystals are clicked in the allotted time (if the party is fast enough), the timer buff will change to Medivh's Presence and the party will have five minutes to go speak with Medivh and summon Nightbane. The original Roleplay upon summoning Nightbane will play.
  • Once the team speaks to Medivh and Nightbane is summoned, the party can wipe without ruining the opportunity to fight Nightbane again. The ninth boss will still be there after the team resurrects until and they can try for the kill again.
  • After succesfully taking down the big boss, the Smoldering Ember Wyrm is a personal loot drop.

Sounds simple enough, right? That kind of speedrun requires a ton of skill and coordination, so definitely tip your hat to anyone riding around Dalaran on that Ember Wyrm.

Will you be attempting to take down Nightbane? Let us know in the comments.

World of Warcraft: Legion is now available on PC.

Source: wowhead

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