In a surprising turn of events, the online currency used in Blizzard’s popular MMORPG World of Warcraft is now worth more than the Venezuelan bolivar. What’s more, according to sites tracking the individual currencies, the gap between the two is only growing larger.

The shocking revelation was first noticed by user KalebPrime on Twitter. They posted a comparison of the price of a World of Warcraft token to that of Venezuelan currency on the black market (the most used method of currency exchange, according to NPR).

Since the time of posting, the bolivar has dropped even further in value, and statistics from dolartoday indicate that a dollar is now worth 11,185.95 units of the Venezuelan currency. Meanwhile, video game currency tracker mmobux currently claims that the lowest purchase of 10,000 World of Warcraft gold in a real-life exchange will require just $1.21.

The bolivar’s drop in value has taken place quite severely over the last few months, and back in May, CNN Money reported that one dollar was the equivalent of 279 bolivars. Since then, the country’s economy has been in a steady decline, leaving the population’s currency in ruin and eventually reaching the point where it became less valuable than WoW gold.

In other World of Warcraft news, dataminers might just have found new clues pointing towards the long-running multiplayer experience’s next expansion pack. A follow-up to Legion, the new content pack could see players traveling to the island of Kul Tiras – one of the last known regions of Azeroth that remain unexplored.

Now seems like the pertinent time for Blizzard to give fans more content, especially as the developer just shut down a popular legacy server once again. Only hours after a Burning Crusade fan server went online, the World of Warcraft team issued a cease and desist letter which caused players everywhere to abandon hope of ever returning to the older versions of Azeroth that they loved.

World of Warcraft is out now for PC.

Source: The Blaze