Color Blind Gamer Experiences World of Warcraft in True Color For The First Time


Recent breakthroughs in ophthalmologic technology have allowed some people to correct color blindness with a very expensive pair of glasses. This gives people the chance to see the full range of color in the world for the first time and, as you might imagine, it has led to a lot of tear jerking YouTube videos. The latest video doesn't have quite as many tears as these usually do, but it does have a very unique World of Warcraft play session.

After a decade of playing the Blizzard MMO in black and white, one player's World of Warcraft guild mates decided to pitch in and raise enough money to purchase him a pair of the Enchroma Glasses so that he could finally see the green poison that he shouldn't be standing in. The player, Jango, is clearly already adjusted to his new glasses in this video, so we don't see his first moments experiencing the real world in color, but we do get to see his first Azeroth and Broken Isles experience in color. The "Wow!" moments begin before he even makes it through the loading screen.

Here's a look at the play session...

Although WoW still looks a bit like a game from 2004 (because it is), clearly the brilliant color palette is impressive enough to make this player's jaw drop.

Jango's friend who posted the video explained the details of the gift in a post on Reddit...

"This past winter one of my friends and longtime World of Warcraft guildmate who’s been colorblind his whole life received a special gift for his 45th birthday. I reached out to all our WoW friends and asked them if they wanted to pitch in to buy a pair or Enchroma Glasses which help correct color blindness. They all agreed, a few IRL friends pitched and bam, Jango saw in color. In this clip, he loads up and plays World of Warcraft for the first time in true color, a game he’s been playing since 2007. Enjoy."

If only everyone could have guild mates that kind and caring.

What did you think of Jango's first experience with WoW in color? Let us know in the comments.

World of Warcraft: Legion is available now on PC and Mac.

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