World Of Warcraft Classic: The 10 Best Ways To Get Gold Without Too Much Grinding

Gold is what makes the world go around in World Of Warcraft Classic and players will spend a significant amount of time gathering as much as they can. Between repairing items, buying consumables, getting crafting materials at the auction house, and saving up for the costly mounts you’ll need a lot of gold in this game.

There are a multitude of ways to make money in Classic and the most efficient methods will depend on your available playtime, skill level, network, and gold on hand. But generally speaking these are the best methods for obtaining that golden stash without too much grinding.

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10 Jadefire Farming

This is probably the worst grind on the list but given how in demand the drops are this will be far more profitable than most farming methods and save you a lot of time. In the Felwood are several bands of satyrs in the Jadefire clan and they drop Demonic Runes and Felcloth now and then.

Demonic Runes are gold to Raid runners as they can be used to recover mana by sacrificing a portion of your health. The Felcloth is also in demand by tailors to make Felcloth bags and various items used by Warlocks.

9 Mining

Mining is a great profession for earning a lot of money at the beginning of the game but does drop off in terms of profitability later on. If you need some seed money for another venture this is a good way to do it.

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With how fast items at lower metal levels break down things like Copper will always be in huge demand. So while you’re character is in it’s lower levels get busy mining lower level ore and sell it to the auction house in smelted bars.

8 Herbalism

Classic is a game primarily about combat and players will need all kinds of consumables to improve their stats, shore up defenses, recharge mana, and otherwise give them an edge in battle. You can capitalize on this hungry market by getting into Herbalism and gathering the materials people will need to produce potions or to consume directly.

Hot ticket items are things like Fadeleaf that goes into Blinding Powder which is in high demand among Rogues. Some herbs are used in class quests like Liferoot or Earthroot. To improve your profits create a Tauren character and get your hands on a Herb Bag.

7 Bodyguard

Often times lower lever characters or solo players will need to make a trip to neutral towns or take a stroll through Stranglehorn Vale. These areas can be crawling with high level mobs, bloodthirsty PVP players, or both.

If you’re a decent level with good gear you can often offer to escort someone for a price. Be sure to charge enough to cover any of your losses and still make a profit if you die and this is a great way to make some side money. It’s not consistent money, but it’s a great way to make coin if you’re making the trip anyway.

6 Sell Mage Services

Mages are in major demand among players and for good reason. These savy magic users can cast useful portals that cut down on travel time, produce food and drink from thin air, and provide players with intellect buffs that speed up weapon proficiency training.

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You can easily offer these services for a modest price and people are more than happy to pay if it will save them some time and is cheaper than standard fare. Find a major hub and start offering food, drinks, portals, and intellect to save people on their grind time.

5 Fishing

Fishing is easily the most profitable profession in the game and can be a great way to make some money while taking a break between dungeons and questing.

In addition to the random gear and valuable gems you sometimes obtain many fish are in high demand as food items or as ingredients in potions. Things like Stonescale Eel for Flash of the Titans potions or Nightfin Snappers for Nightfin Soup go for lots and lots of coin. You don’t even need to craft the items, just sell the fish at the auction house.

4 Skinning

While fishing is the most profitable profession skinning is easily the most convenient. While you’re out killing creatures as part of your quests or dungeon runs having the Skinning profession will allow you to carve up their remains for useful crafting items.

It doesn’t take any extra time and squeezes out a little more profit from your kills. One kill here and there won’t make you a ton of extra money, but after a dozen levels or so you’ll be sitting on a serious pile of coin.

3 Buy Low Sell High

Like a modern day Wall Street broker you can sit in the auction house and with some seed money buy items at a low price and sell them back at a high price. The key is to identify items that are usually in demand or will soon be in demand, buy them for cheap, wait for the prices to fluctuate and then sell them at the higher profit.

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It’s very easy to lose money this way if you don’t know what you’re doing, there are too many competitors, or if the metas change, but it’s a great way to make boatloads of gold for little effort over the long run

2 Guild Supplier

If you’re in a guild, you know a Raid/Dungeon run is coming up, and you know the popular metas for each class in your guild you can make some serious money by grabbing the necessary items from the vendors before the big day and selling them to the party members.

This saves the player a bunch of time running to the market to grab the necessary supplies so they’re more than happy to pay slightly above market prices to avoid the trip. Do this enough times and you can be the go to for outfitting the 40 person raid parties before each run and make some serious gold.

1 Market Manipulation

This is easily the riskiest venture you can do but can make you one of the wealthiest players in the shard if you pull this off. Say Runecloth Bags are selling for 15 gold and there’s only a handful. Buy out the stock, resell a few for 17 gold, and keep buying any that go for sale below your price.

At some point players will get desperate enough to buy yours at 17 gold and you’ll see others put some up for sale at the same price point. Now you want to dump every Runecloth Bag you have at that higher price until you run out of bags or the market crashes back down to normal prices. It’s risky, it’s fun, and easily the most profitable activity in the game.

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