World Of Warcraft Classic: 10 Biggest Fixes The Game Still Needs

It's been a few months since the release of World of Warcraft Classic. If you've been playing since the start, you've leveled at least one character to its max, completed numerous raids and dungeons, and found fabulous gear. Now, you are starting to wonder where World of Warcraft Classic is headed and how it will affect the game.

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World of Warcraft Classic is a nostalgic phenomenon that boasts more players than Blizzard Entertainment anticipated. As a result, new servers were created for the flashback game. Even with all its success, World of Warcraft Classic is far from perfect. Hold your helmets! These are the 10 biggest fixes World of Warcraft Classic needs.

10 More Immersive Quests

One of the most exceptional aspects of World of Warcraft is the immersiveness of its quests. Blizzard shouldn't stop there. World of Warcraft Classic's devs should continue to add more immersive quests and remove the dull ones. The quests should be so immersive that players won't want to use questing add-ons like quest tracking. Frankly speaking, players don't need add-ons to enjoy the game. Leveling up in World of Warcraft Classic is a joy on its own, aside from a few tedious fetch quests.

9 Fix Those Queue Times!

For players trying to join World of Warcraft Classic, queue times can get in the way of an immersive experience. A long delay that can last hours is less than ideal for World of Warcraft. Blizzard needs to do what it takes to fix those queue times. Players are subscribing to play the game without waiting. To have to start over in a new server would be detrimental to World of Warcraft's enjoyability. Queue times are one of the most significant problems that World of Warcraft Classic faces.

8 Having Trouble Getting Into Dungeons?

Once you reach a high enough level, dungeons can be useful for a multitude of purposes. Aside from the auction house and trading, dungeons are an invaluable source for grinding experience points and obtaining loot.

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One thing Blizzard could do to improve World of Warcraft Classic would be to make it easier for new players to get into dungeons. Group finders hurt the game because it can encourage less socializing. World of Warcraft Classic needs a new group system. In doing so, they can make it more accessible for players to find groups for dungeons.

7 Help Players With The Grind To Max Level

For some players, the grinding (leveling up) aspect of World of Warcraft is the most enjoyable part of the game. The most adept players make multiple characters—sometimes to enjoy grinding. Those beginning quests and the surge of skill points you receive makes the role-playing aspect of World of Warcraft phenomenal.

Some players, however, may benefit from help with grinding. For some, grinding is a long and arduous process; people just don't want to deal with it. World of Warcraft could help players by making it easier to level up.

6 Don't Update The Game's Items

Grinding and grinding for the best loot only to find out that your newly found gear is obsolete is not ideal. Other Blizzard loot-finding games like Diablo 2 have a set amount of items, and players can replay the game multiple times while trying to obtain the best class-specific gear. World of Warcraft Classic should keep the same items as they were in vanilla and not update the items. World of Warcraft Classic makes it easy for new players to jump in. Players shouldn't fall far behind like they do in the retail World of Warcraft.

5 Add The Burning Crusade Expansion...At Least

Burning Crusade introduced the Blood Elf and Draenei, two of the coolest races in World of Warcraft. Burning Crusade should be re-introduced for World of Warcraft Classic. Even though it already happened once, we would still be "not prepared" for the Burning Crusade.

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It would be tricky for Blizzard to add Burning Crusade without hurting the appeal of the game. This is because flying mounts were introduced in the Burning Crusade. At level 70, you could use flying mounts in the Outland region only. Flying mounts lead to less communication, which is why World of Warcraft Classic is so appealing in the first place.

4 Tougher Boss Fights

World of Warcraft Classic is like a remastered version of the vanilla game. It has better graphics and many other improvements. One change that Blizzard could make to World of Warcraft Classic without ruining the game is increasing the difficulty of raids. Raids in World of Warcraft Classic pale in comparison to the retail version of World of Warcraft. Furthermore, they should add more raids and more boss fights to give the game replayability. Like a remaster might, World of Warcraft Classic should have an increased difficulty level for boss fights.

3 Free Giveaways

Adding free giveaways isn't a radical idea. Some World of Warcraft players might be taken aback by the concept of free giveaways. Freebies like mounts when you reach a particular level could improve the flow of the game. Games like Diablo 2, where players are gifted high-level items doesn't ruin the game's enjoyment. It would be nice to visit your mailbox and find freebies like a free month of World of Warcraft or gear. Freebies could help to rid the World of Warcraft imbalance between the elite and the newbies.

2 Remove The Subscription Fee

Instead of making it a package deal where players get retail and classic World of Warcraft for paying a subscription fee, World of Warcraft Classic should be a separate product. Since World of Warcraft Classic captures the essence of World of Warcraft in its heydays, it doesn't require as much maintenance as the retail version. Make World of Warcraft Classic subscription-free and allow players to purchase the game outright. Blizzard does this with many of their games, so hopefully, they do the same for World of Warcraft Classic.

1 Listen To The Community

At this point, the number of requests coming from the community might sound like a bunch of noise. Blizzard should listen to the community and fulfill requests that make sense for the game. Keeping World of Warcraft Classic the same forever isn't going to appeal to many fans. Make smart changes and listen to the community if there is high demand. They changed the graphics, so they could make other meaningful changes in updates.

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