Countdown To Cataclysm: 3 Weeks – Remembering The Old World

World of Warcraft

With just 3 weeks to go until World of Warcraft: Cataclysm is released, it is time to take a moment and reflect on the world we are about to lose forever. Some of us have been enjoying the world of Azeroth for over 6 years, and love its beautiful sights, sounds, and places. Sadly, some of ours favorite spots are about to be obliterated forever, so now is the time to take a moment, go out and enjoy your favorite places before they are gone.

There is no denying that the upcoming Cataclysm is going to be epic. With graphical improvements and a re-imagining of the old world this is a change we should most certainly be excited about, but what of those favorite spots we all have? Myself and others have been taking lots and lots of picture of the old world, collecting images of hidden spots, favorite places, and amazing sites so that they are not forgotten. You should consider doing that too, or at least going out and touring the old world one last time, before Blizzard takes it all away.

Travel the world, zone to zone, taking in the sights. Visit Zul’Gurub and try for the tiger mount one more time. Run through the Barrens. Check out the trees in Ashenvale. See the beaches of Westfall, or the river of Duskwood; just explore. See what there is to see, enjoy what there is to enjoy - while you can.

World of Warcraft

There are many secrets in Azeroth, many you may not have seen. There are some memorials to people who have passed away, many nods to pop culture, nods to events in Blizzard's history, and spots hidden by the developers for us to find. Some, if not all of these may be gone soon, so you don’t want to miss out. Have you seen Cut Throat Alley, or Thunder Falls? Newman’s Landing, or Beggar’s Haunt? If not, you might want to go soon. Even simply flying from the most northern point to the most southern point on a continent, and seeing each area from an aerial view could be something worthwhile for you to do if you don’t have a lot of time to fully explore the world one last time.

Exploring is not for everyone. Some people just want to beat on monsters and slay the opposing faction, but for those people who love to explore the world, and the lore, and the places of Azeroth, you owe it to yourself to spend some time looking over what is about to become Old Azeroth. Make sure you have explored every last nook and cranny. Revisit your favorite memorable locations. Take some screen shots. Just spend some time taking it all in, enjoying it all, because in 3 weeks it will be a whole new world. I really think this is one of the things you really must do before Cataclysm.

What are some of your favorite spots? Comment bellow and share with us your favorite spots in the World of Warcraft that should not be missed, as well as your stories of exploration and adventure in Old Azeroth.

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